Geeky Charms!!

Finding geeky jewelry can be tough sometimes but when you do find it, the selection is pretty good. I heard about Pandora jewelry through friends but they were basic charms. Charms like a baseball, ballerina, Mom etc which I have nothing against. I'm a baseball geek and would of gotten one but I didn't want to spend 40+ dollars on the charm. 

One day Jaime's mother bought me a pandora charm of a little girl which I thought was cute. I went back online to see what else they had and it turned out it they teamed up with Disney and released a collection! Oh yes, Disney charms give me!! 

I went online sale day and bought the Cinderella Coach. When it arrived I was blown away. It's so pretty! My photo doesn't do the charm justice. I did order another charm, a Mouse ear headband but I didn't really like it so I returned  it.

A month later I was at Star Wars Celebration and ThinkGeek had a selection of Star Wars pandora style charms. They of course sold out but they poppped up on the website where they had more of a selection of geeky charms!

I ordered the Death Star charm and I did pick up the PS3 style game controller. I didn't photography that one because it's in the box. Putting it next to the other hanging charms made them awkward so I  left it off until I pick up a spacer which is just a round bead.

The Death Star is really cool and heavy. I think I want to pick up the Tie Fighter charm next.

There are different style bracelets from both Pandora and ThinkGeek but I went with the double leather bracelet from Pandora because some of their charms actually twist/screw on. I  don't think that is possible if I bought the leather bracelet from ThinkGeek. Also, Pandora has more colors. I picked up a plum color bracelet. 

If you've been looking for some geeky charms check out ThinkGeek and Pandora's Disney collection. I've been wearing my bracelet for a while and the charms are holding up really well and I love the design. I really love my bracelet!

Do any of you guys own these charms? What are your thoughts on them?


(Disclaimer: These charms & bracelets were bought with my own money. All thoughts are my own.)

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