Star Wars Hallmark itty bittys

I have discovered new items to collect! They are called itty bittys and they are from Hallmark. They have sets from different properties like Marvel, DC, Disney, and of course Star Wars. I found he Star Wars ones to be the cutest so these have been the ones I have been getting. 

The first ones I bought was Han and Leia. They are sold as a two pack. They are so cute and soft. I still have them on the card because it's made to look like they are in the Millennium Falcon!

I then grabbed Chewie and R2D2. Chewie is so fuzzy and adorable. I think he's my favorite so far. 

I finally got Darth Vader. A cute and adorable Darth Vader. 

While at Star Wars Celebration, I found out they had exclusive set of Degar & Bossk. I never got a chance to get them so I went to ebay. Thankful I was able to find one that wasn't over priced. They also had a SDCC exclusive last year and while have one this year.

They also had a Yoda and a 4pk with C-3PO, Luke, Ben, and a Jawa. My Hallmark sends out coupons so I'm waiting for a good one to buy the set. 

Have you guys seen these little dudes? Aren't they adorable! They currently hang out on my desk but once I get my little display set up they will move over there with the rest of my collectibles.

What have you been collecting lately? 

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