Usagi's Wishlist

Usagi's Wishlist

Usagi's Wishlist by usagimylene

It's been a while since I have shared a wishlist! I like making them for a bunch of reasons but mainly it gets the wanting of said items out of my system. Is that weird? 

This is the last week of the semester and I have no idea what happened but this one just burned me out. I can only take two classes at a time because I work full time and SF State lacks evening classes but these two subject just destroyed me. My Women Health class is over but she still wants to me on the last day and my California Culture has the final exam but all the papers are done. I am so ready for the summer and my trips. I'm going to need them to recharge!

But on wards to my newest wish list! 

1. Runway Princess by Dooney & Burke - Dooney & Burke Disney line is so much fun! They are expensive but so pretty and this one is no exception. They actually released a design like this one for their Princess half marathon that I really wanted but since I didn't run it, I couldn't get it. I am glad they released something similar to it!

2.  Star Moon Moonlight Memory Locket - I have the original one from years ago and but it's really beat up. I've been wanting to replace it but they cost an arm, leg, and your first born! I am glad Bandi is re releasing the items so I can buy them without getting a loan. And the pink it so cute!

3. Star Wars Purse - Do I want Boba Fett or R2-D2? I am not sure... maybe both? 

4. Lightsaber Charm - I love the pandora style charms that ThinkGeek keeps releasing. I think I need the lightsaber to go with my Death Star charm.

I do want that Dooney & Burke purse. I want some high quality geeky purses. I am glad some companies are seeing that but it also comes with the price tag. We shall see if I do really end up getting the purse or just settle with the lightsaber charm.

And now I leave you to stalk my mail. My Her Universe Black Widow jacket should be here later today!

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