Friday, June 5, 2015

Characters Who Need Their Own Screen Time

What a time to be alive! There are so many superhero movie and tv shows out right now that I never thought would happen when I was little girl watching Wonder Woman re runs.

(Lynda Carter is my Wonder Woman and you can't tell me otherwise!)

Now, I am happy that these comics are on the big and little screen but I need more. I need those that don't have powers, those that do but have no idea what they are doing in life, or characters who's worlds aren't based in New York.

So these are the characters who I strongly believe need their own screen time.

1. Rat Queens

Yes! The entire group. You can't just make a show based off one girl. You need all four of them. Hannah, Violet, Dee, and Betty. I need to see their adventures on the small screen. I think it would do better as a tv show then as a film. I would love for it be on Hulu or Netflix so they could have more freedom to do what Wiebe does in the comics. I love fantasy and you add some bad  females and I'm in! Give me drunken bar fights, trolls, magic, weapons!!

2. Jubilee

This poor girl gets shafted in everything comic and movies. She needs her own TV series. This would of been awesome when I was younger. A teenager running around a mall, a teenager with some amazing powers, a teenager running with the X-men, but over all, a teenager trying to figure out her life. At this stage Jubilee is a vampire, helping the X-men and raising her son and you can give me that show too. Logan can guest start, Ororo can show up, Monet can pop in so they can some arguments but in the end, the show will be about Jubilee.

3. Young Avengers / Hawkeye 

I didn't want this to take up the bulk of my list but I would give my kingdom for a Kate Bishop / America Chavez / Teddy Altman / Billy Kaplan / Young Avengers film and a Hawkeye tv show based off of Matt Fraction & David Aja and Jeff Lumire & Ramon Perez. Or it can be all mixed up with Clint getting in trouble, Kate shaking her head, and calling in the rest of the Young Avengers to help him out. It wouldn't get any better than that for me. Like, this is something I need.

4. Harley Quinn

I know she's been The Joker's punch line but when she's written away from him and with Selina & Pamela she is such a strong, dynamic, smart character. I would love to see a Gotham City Sirens style film or TV show but I do want to see Harley doing her thing without The Joker abusing her. I mean, if they based a TV show off that but wrote it so amazingly well that by the end of season one she's burning the Joker mobile to the ground, walks away, and starts her own girl group (Selina and Pamela) that would be amazing. I need this to happen. I do hope that Suicide Squad does something great with this woman. I also hope the writing on her face is just pen ink and not a tattoo.

5. Olive Silverlock and Maps Mizoguchi / Gotham Academy

I am behind on this comic... I've only read up to issue 3 but it's so good. Olive and Maps are so the opposite of each other, one being all meh and stand offish while the other is a curious little cat for a lack of a better description. Maps wants to investigate what happened to Olive and I am all for it. I want this on network TV so not only I can enjoy it but the little one can too. Younglings need tv shows for them as well that isn't all about shooting someone with arrows, a crazy hallway fight montage, a person turning into dust and dying, etc. Nothing wrong with more young teens/ kids running around with less killing. Did that make sense?

Like everyone else I want a Black Widow film but at this point I don't think it will ever happen so I wanted to focus on other characters that I believe can bring so much to the fandoms.

Thanks to The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick for putting together 5 Fandom Friday and thanks to @JaymFace for this weeks topic!

Have a great weekend!


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