Characters With My Favorite Fictional Fashion

Friday Friday it's.... yea no... I'm not going to finish that. Welcome to another 5 Fandom Friday. Today's theme is Characters with my Favorite Ficitional Fashion brought to you by @1curiouswriter.

There are so many characters out there whose fictional closet that I want to raid but I got my list!!

1. Cisco Ramon - The Flash

They give Cisco some of the most amazing shirts and I find myself wanting them all. This one is my favorite so far. 

2. Jem and the Holograms

I'm taking it back to the 80s with my next choice. Ever since I was little I have loved their outfits on the show, and I mean everyone even The Misfits. I will rock those outfits. I don't care that they are bright neon colors. Give them to me. 

3. Megan Draper - Mad Men

The series was really good but I watched it mainly for the fashion and housewares, cars, the items from way back when. I'm a sucker for that and I love it. Everyone had some amazing outfits but when Megan came on the scene, I fell in love with her clothes. The dress above is my favorite ever.

4. Felicity Smoak - Arrow

Felicity has some cute and fun outfits which totally match her personality and I love it. I actually bought one of the dresses that she wore last season and that black number she wears to trivia night in The Flash, WANT. I don't think she's ever worn an outfit that I thought was blah on her. 

5. Daenerys Targaryen - Game of Thrones

I am way behind on Game of Thrones but I love all the dresses/outfits that Daenerys wear in that series. Also, she is the Mother of Dragons so hell yea!!! The dress above is my favorite and is a dream project of mine to create. It's so beautiful!

If the chance came around to raid these characters closets, I will be there faster then the Road Runner out running Willie E Coyote. I would do almost anything for either Megan or Daenerys dress. 

Can't wait to read everyone's response to today's 5 Fandom!

Have a great Friday!! 

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