Four Places I Want To Visit

Jaime and I are planning out our trip to Tokyo (4 more months!!) and it has gotten me thinking to where else I want to visit and soon.

1. Washington D.C

I was one of the few children who never had a school take them on a trip to Washington D.C. to see the White House and all that stuff. My mother never felt the need to as well but I have been wanting to visit. L has been asking to see Washington and NY so I think this will be a trip in the near future.

2. Mexico

I have gone to Mexico but only to where my Grandparents live. I want to see more. The beaches, the pyramids, Mexico D.F. Am I the only that doesn't get to see more their family home country when visiting? Did that happen to anyone else?

3. Hong Kong

My friend talks about the shopping, the night life, the food and I really want to go. Also, Disneyland Hong Kong!! Disneyland Hong Kong!! If I make it there before Disneyland Shanghai is built, I have gone to all 5 parks.

4. Hawaii

I have gone once years ago and I want to go back again. I am a fan of sun, beaches, and water. I went to Honolulu for my first trip. I wonder where I should visit this time around.

I believe Washinton D.C may happen next year with a pit stop to Disneyworld for Star Wars weekends but Hong Kong may be the next international trip we take. Of course, we need to get through Japan first.

What trips are you planning or dreaming about?

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