How is everyone today? It's been a busy few weeks for me which have lead me to ignore my blog. It happens and I'm okay with that because I've been doing some fun things!

I never really mentioned it but I'm a contributing writer over at Agents of Geek all thanks to Travis. It's been a great experience and I am having fun. Gwen and Joie have also joined us too so it's even better with friends! Please check out the site and if you have a moment, like us on Facbook and follow us on Twitter. Thank you!

I also got really lucky and I got helped with getting an actual SDCC badge. I was going to volunteer but with this, I can actually do stuff. I mean, it's not like I wasn't going to once volunteering but I wouldn't be able to hit up the big panels and truthfully, getting exclusives. Haha.. priorities. I'll be at a bunch of different events too like Game of Bloggers Meet Up, Geek Go Glam Party, and  SherlockeDCC. If you see me say hi!!

Gwen, Jessica, and I have also decided to start a Bay Area Geek Girl Brunch chapter. We will be having our first brunch next month after SDCC. It's a Marvel theme. We are talking about what to do with goody bags and have picked a brunch place. I have no idea what I'm doing but as I like to say I'm doing with a smile. 

It's been a crazy summer but i'm having a blast. What have you been up to? Heading to SDCC? 

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