Funko Marvel Collector Corps Unboxing!!

I am a sucker for monthly sub boxes. I sub to Loot Crate, Espionage Cosmetics Nerd Make Up, Comic Bento; I even have a monthly sub for chocolate!

When I heard the Marvel and Funko were teaming up for a bi monthly box, I signed up without a second thought and I paid for an entire year. Thank goodness for that tax refund! Haha.. My box finally arrived in April and I have pictures to show!!

When I opened the box the first thing I saw were an Ultron patch and a Captain America pin, both saying Collector Corps on it. Can I mention how much I love the shipping box?

The first item I grabbed was a Avengers Age of Ultron Dorbz vinyl figure box. It was an adorable, too cute for words, oh my god Ultron vinyl figure. It seems he’s a Collector Corps exclusive. I really want to collect these adorable guys!

Next was the item we all knew were getting, a 6 inch Hulkbuster POP! figure. Not only is he 6” but this sucker is heavy! I’m talking “you can beat someone over the head” heavy. He’s another exclusive and they claim won’t be sold anywhere. I love him! I have picked up Hawkeye from the AoU set but have random Avenger POP figures from other films.

The final two items were a shirt and a comic book. You would be getting 1 of four designs and I got Iron Man. The other options were Thor, Hulk, and Captain America. Why wasn’t there Hawkeye or Black Widow? They also fought against Ultron. The comic was an exclusive Collector Corps cover of Avengers Guardians Team Up #1.

Over all, I love this box. I believe it was 25 USD before shipping and they get sent bi monthly. The next box is based around Ant-man so I can’t wait for that.

My one issue with this was the shirt. Yes, I love the shirt but they only offer unisex which is another way of saying men’s shirt. They do not offer the option for ladies t-shirts. I don’t know why and I have tweeted asking but gotten no answer. Other sub boxes do so I’m not sure why Marvel/Funko couldn’t. Otherwise A- box!

Did you sub to Collector Corps? Which shirt did you get? Can’t wait for the next one!

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