DIY: Sailor Moon Cross Stitch

One of the crafty things that I love to do is cross stitch. The projects can be really simple or crazy elaborate. I'm in the middle of the line but I usually stray in the relam of easy because I can create something awesome in a nick of time.

A long time ago when I was doing the crafting blog thing, I had share the completed project sans framing. I framed it already but never shared the final product.

I used my portable light box to take the picture which I want to say how much I freaking love. It's still not big enough for everything but I love it. I don't remember what count fabric I used but it's on a off white aida cloth. The pattern is from Dork Stitch and there is a great selection of sprite Sailor Moon patterns. 

I wanted to add Tuxedo Kamen and Chibi Usa but I actually ran out of room on the fabric. It worked out because I found the perfect frame for it and used some scrapbooking paper to mat it. Still can cut a straight line to save my life but that is my life. 

This is my second favorite cross stitch that I have made. My first one is Justin Bailey from Metroid. I will share pictures of it soon. I'm actually prepping my threads into a binder to keep them all in one spot and I want to start on a Felicity Smoak cross stitch from The Crafting Geek.

Do you guys cross stitch? What crafty stuff do you guys like to do? What are you currently creating? 

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