SDCC Essentials

SDCC Essentials

SDCC Essentials by usagimylene

San Diego Comic Con is coming up fast and I really need to slowly start getting my stuff together. I started working on my list of must have exclusives and I need to figure out which big panels I want to check out, if I will at all. I have mix feelings about Hall H - do I really want to spend the night outside with bugs and mice running around me or get some good sleep, check out smaller panels, and see Hall H footage online later? Ahhh choices!

Anyways, with me getting ready for SDCC I decided to share my list of essentials! These are items I bring with me when I attend different cons and they make my time easier.

1. Water Bottle - You will be doing a lot of walking AND a lot of standing in line. Drinking soda/energy drinks may give you that caffeine rush but you will crash hard. It's also San Diego in the summer and you will need to stay hydrated. I made a mistake once living off of soda and I got so badly dehydrated. Drink lots of water. Also, most cons will charge you about 3 bucks for a 16oz and that money could go towards an exclusive. Bobble water bottles have filters in them which is a plus for me! 

2. External Phone Battery Charger - You will be so excited taking photos, talking, texting, and then bam! Your phone battery is dead. It has happened to me before and I couldn't contact my group. Payphones aren't easily found and well, germs. I actually have a Star Wars Rebels Chopper battery charging that I picked up at Star Wars Celebration and I love it. I also have a green one to. I bring two!

3. Hand Sanitizer - Con flu. It's a thing so be ready! Hand sanitizer and wipes will be your friend. I know you've heard of the con flu so you know there may be a chance you will get sick. I went to Disneyland for 24 hour day and I came back with a cold so yea... 

4. Pens/Markers - You don't want to be caught without one and bring different colors. I know you could add folks contact info into your phone but that's battery power you are using. Just write it down on a piece of paper! Also, what if you come across your favorite celebrity? You will have your marker ready! Brought a comic book with you to get signed but the creators only have black and the cover is black? You are prepared with a different color marker! 

5. Sun Screen - It's San Diego, it's sunny, you will burn. Last year I spent my time doing everything outside and I was standing in line under the sun. Get that sun screen out. I like the spray on stuff personally. It's easier to use and helps spread out more. Also, you are not left with a glob of sun screen on your hands and you can't get out of line to find napkins. 

6. Reusable Bag - You will shop and you will run out of room in your bag. Bringing a couple of reusable bags helps out so much. Some vendors do give them out for free but never hurts to be prepared. Also, a lot of these fold up into a smaller pouch and you can clip them on your backpack! 

7. Sketch Book - Just like pens and markers, have a sketch book. Jaime and I have one with sketches filled from artists at cons we attend. My favorite sketch is my tiny Harley Quinn from Balthazar and  Franco creators of Tiny Titans and one year I met Terry Dodson who did a really quick sketch of Jubilee in my book. I had it ready, handed it to him and 5 seconds later I had an awesome drawing. 

8. Poster Tubes - FOX has handed out poster tubes but you will wait hours in the line for a one and they hand them out at random times. Bringing your own saves you the hassle of trying to get a free one or paying a lot from a vendor. You will collect posters and you want to protect them. Poster tube is the way to go!

*Also, remember to find a backpack / shoulder bag that is comfortable! 
*Get some good walking shoes because like I said above you will be walking and standing a lot. 
*Snacks! Pack snacks every day. Food inside the convention center is expensive and if you are by yourself, you won't be able to sneak out of that Hasbro line you've been in for 2 hours already.
*Cash - Some vendors won't take cards, it happens. Also, if you're shopping on Sunday they are not going to want to take everything home so having cash on you helps with the haggling. One year I walked out with a Grimlock (Transformer) at 40 bucks instead of the asking price of 80. 

So these are my SDCC essentials. I hope this list reminds you of things you need because I do forgot and if I see someone talking about them, I remember and make sure to locate them and pack it!

What are some of your con essentials? Anything that I didn't list you have found useful? Share!!!

I can't wait for SDCC!!!

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