Toy Tuesday: Sailor Moon Crystal Star Proplica

OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! My newest Sailor Moon Proplica item arrived last week!! Usagi's transformation locket was released and it's finally here. I ordered at is a birthday present last year and after a lot of out of stock and delivery date pushed back e-mails, I have it in my hands.

Bandai/Proplica have been releasing, slowly might I add, a lot of the props used in the Sailor Moon anime in honor of the 20th Anniversary. This is the third item I own and I love it!

One of the things with me when it comes to collectibles is I never keep anything in it's package/the box it came in. It has too be really cute/amazing/gives the item a something for it to stay. I don't have the room and if the box hinders the item from being seen, out it goes, I love the packaging from Proplica so I have to keep the boxes. The items are out but the boxes are stored away until I can come up with a better set up.

The locket itself is so shiny and beautiful. There is no button to pop it open so I have to wiggle it open with my nail. I figured out where the tab connects so it's really simple to pop open but I won't be doing it as much because of the lack of a push button. I don't want to break it.

It's so pink!! And gold!! It also has the stones of the Sailor Guardians which I love.

Like I said, it opens up to reveal the crystal and it even has a mirror inside. I have no plans on really using it so I left the protective covering on it. And when you press on the crystal, the theme song plays!! I haven't installed batteries in it but once I do, I will get some video of it and slap it on my instagram.

Haha... it's so cute and Proplica is doing such a crazy job with these items. Rumors for their nest release is her Star Locket and the Spiral Moon Rod!! I can't wait to have them in my collection.

Any of you Sailor Moon fans collecting these items? Which ones do you own? Have any of the original ones?

Thanks for reading!

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