Toy Tuesday: San Diego (SDCC) Wants!

Hello and welcome to another Toy Tuesday. This week I decided to share some of my most wanted items from San Diego Comic Con!

I leave for SDCC next week and I am excited. I have a badge this time around. I didn't have one last year but there was so much to do outside sans badge that I didn't notice. This time I will be able to go inside and their are a ton of stuff I want. These are the items I really want so cross your fingers I can get them.

Black and White Harley Quinn Statue

I have one design and I really want this once. The booth selling them did take pre orders for her but I found out too late and they were closed.

Carbonite Han and Boba Fett

I saw these itty bitty at Star Wars celebration and I want them. I've been collecting the Star Wars one, they are so cute. They will also be offered at NYCC so if I can't snag them at SDCC, I'm hoping someone will help me get one.

Star Wars First Order 66 Storm Trooper

I let out a yell that I believe wasn't human when I saw this pop up. Hasbro is my second most hated booth but I will figure out how to get in that line.

Ever After Raven, Monster High Valentino and Wisp, and Monster High Vinyl Nefera de Nile

This is the first year where I am not buying anything Masters of the Universe from Mattel but getting all the Monster High and Ever After items. Raven is so beautiful! Matty took pre orders and I managed to get them so this will save me from such headache getting into their booth. Thank you Matty!

POP! Star Wars Bounty Hunter Leia , Rocket with potted Groot, and ReAction T-1000 wth hook hands

Funko has been releasing their SDCC list in waves and I was safe until wave seven was announced. These are the three I want, mainly Leia and Rocket but if T-1000 makes it in my hands, then it's all gravy. I mean there are a lot of items I want from them but was like, ok whatever I don't need shiney C-3PO or X-Force Deadpool with truck, just get the regular ones but Rocket with potted Groot and Unmasked Bounty Hunter Leia? Yes, please!! Sadly Funko is my most hated booth ever. 

Well, this is my list so far. I know there will be more toys announced and I hope I can get something. I don't expect everything off my list but I want to attempt them all. I also want to get Skottie Young Lando cover, The Ninjabot Blade Runner print, Loungefly hot pink Stormtrooper coin pouch,  and god know what Mondo has in store. 

Do you have your list ready? What are you going to try and get? Going to settle for ebay instead? 

May the odds ever be in our favor!!

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