Five Favourite Aliens

We all have some favourite Aliens that we just adore or is that just me? I got some favourite aliens and alien films that I will watch over and over again because of said aliens.

In case you haven't figured it out, today's 5 Fandom Friday is my Five Favourite Aliens.

1. Xenomorph

I love Alien and adore ALIENS so much. I even love Alien vs Predator Requiem. The other sequels not so much but whatever. I have no idea why I love the Xenomorphs. They are mean and vicious and will tear you apart but they are so cool. When Universal Studios announced a AvP horror maze for their Halloween Horror Nights last year, I made a trip. It was amazing and oh so scary.

2. Aliens from ID4

They don't really do much as themselves. I mean, they do destroy the world but they used their ships to do it but I still love them. They are creepy and really well designed for the film. And anything with Jeff Goldblum is a plus. So the aliens from ID4 is on my list.

3. E.T 

E.T was my first movie theater experience. I was so scared of him but so entralled by this little alien guy and the family he became friends with. He was so scared being left behind but with the help of Elliot, he made a phone, escaped from the terrible humans, and found his family again.

4. Critters

These stupid fur balls of awesome are like th greatest aliens ever. They don't rank above my Queen Xenomorph but I love them. Critters and Critters 2 are the greatest films ever and if you like awesomely terrible horror films, watch them. Critters 3 and 4 are okay. They are worth a watch for a young Leo and Angella Bassett kicking butt in space.

5. The Thing

John Carpenter's The Thing is a wonderful film. It has Kurt Russell and the coolest, grossest, most creative alien ever. This thing that uses you as a hosts and then deforms you in crazy ways when attacked was amazing for the little kid in me, ya know once I got passed the horror-ness of it. The film is really great and if you haven't seen it, you really should. Of course if you can't handle horror then don't.

So these are my favourite aliens. I went more the horror / scary film route (with the exception of ET)  for this list. I hope you enjoyed it and the gifs didn't freak you out to much!

Happy Friday!!

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