Five Fictional Pets I’d Like To Adopt

Pets!! I want them but I can't have them. Jaime is allergic to anything with fur so cats, dogs, hamster, everything is pretty much out of the question. We are planning on adopting a bearded dragon but we first need space and do a lot of research! A lot!

But until the pieces fall into place, a girl can dream about which pets she can have and that leads me to today's Fandom Five Friday: Five Fictional Pets I'd Like To Adopt brought to you by The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick!

1. Diana - Sailor Moon

I do love Luna but I really love Diana. She is so cute and so innocent in the anime that I can't help but just want to cuddle. In case you don't know Diana is the child of Luna and Artemis. She's also Chibi Usa's advisor.

2. Ein - Cowboy Bebop

I have always love Corgi's but when I discovered Cowboy Bebop and saw Ein, it was love at first sight. I sometimes will call Corgi's Ein and people look at me like "what is wrong with you?" Also, if you ever want to the face of pure happiness, show Jaime Corgi videos. He loves Corgi's more than any person I know.

3. Toothless - How to Train your Dragon

Toothless is one giant cat. A giant cat that we can have at home because Jaime wouldn't be allergic to it. We love the cartoon and we love Toothless.

4. Pegasus - Hercules

He is adorable as a baby and I want one! Of course, they don't stay little for long but Pegasus was one of the best character in Hercules. Megra is of course my number one!

5. AT-AT - Star Wars

Can one adopt an AT-AT? You know what, don't care... I.Want.One.

And that is my list! Have a wonderful weekend!!

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