Five Things You Own That You Bought At Cons

I am still not 100% functional from attending SDCC but it was a blast. My recap posts will slowly be trickling in but I do have a 5 Fandom Friday post for you!

In honor of Comic Con, today's topic is Five Things You Own That You Bought At Cons! I do shop a lot of cons. I always say I won't bring anything home but then I am struggling with my luggage and trying to figure out how to bring home 3 bags when I know I only brought one!

Let us start!

1. Batman Arkham Origins Collector Edition

Okay, so I didn't buy this but I got it a con and it's one of my favorite things and it's one of my favorite stories to tell. Everything you see in the picture is included but the game which is fine, we already had it. Now for the story... I was at PAX Prime last year, first visit and was overwhelmed with it. I was walking by the WB Games booth when someone came up to me and asked 360 or PS3. I answered PS3. I figured they were taking a survey or something but all of sudden this huge box was being shoved in face and was told "here you go." They were handing out the collector edition to PAX guests and I happened to be at the right place at the right time. Of course come Monday, I had no idea how to get it home since I just had a backpack and carry on. It's so awesome!

2. Haunted Arkham Asylum Print by ArtistAbe

I love the Haunted Mansion paintings at Disneyland and when I saw this mash up while in the artist alley at Fanime (I believe it was Fanime) I couldn't say no. Ivy and Harley are my absolute favorite and I even bought the shirts when they made their way to TeeFury. I have linked to the artists shop in the title so give it a look. My crappy photo doesn't do this print justice!

3. My Little Pony Superheroes

Back before My Little Pony Friendship is Magic hit TV, Hasbro was releasing Super Hero Ponies as part of their SDCC exclusives and they were the cutest things ever. For 2007-2009 they had three different ones and I got managed to get them all. 2010 and 2011 saw some graffiti style ones and in 2012 Derpy from MLP: Friendship is Magic arrived and I haven't bought a pony exclusive since.... except this year. They had Pinkie Pie in a chicken outfit and OMG must have! Also, during those three years it was pretty easy to walk into the Hasbro booth line. God, I miss those days.

4. Drawing of me by Chip Zdarsky

Chip Zdarsky was doing sketches at ECCC a few years ago and I got one of myself and I love it so much!

5. Signed Deadpool #1

This wasn't bought but I needed to include it. I got my Deadpool #1 variant cover signed by Skottie Young, Deadpool series is being written by Brian Posehn and Terry Duggan with Tony Moore doing art. All of them were at ECCC one year and I got them to sign my issue. It's framed and waiting to find a home on my wall. I love Skottie Young's baby covers for MARVEL and I will buy them even if I'm not reading the series. It's a problem but a problem I love!


6. Meeting Nathan Fillion and getting a photo!

I had to include this one. This was during his smilesforsmiles at Nerd HQ last year. You can totally tell I was damn excited for this!!! Haha.. 

So there you have it! My 5 things that I own that I bought/got at cons. What have you gotten that you just love?!

Thanks to Megan and Kristin for Five Fandom Fridays!!! Have a great weekend!!

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