San Diego Comic Con Day 1!

I want all the TSUM TSUM!! Disney had a tsum tsum booth and they show cased some new sets coming out soon! I want both of them! 

Ah Thursday!! The first full day of the con. I only had five must things I had to do! 1. Run to Barnes and Nobles to get some FUNKO exclusives. 2. Wrath of Con Bloggers 3. Met David Aja and get my Hawkeye #1 signed. 4. Her Universe fashion show. 5. Geeks Go Glam. I did all five things and everything else was gravy!

The day started off with us waking up early to hit up the Barnes and Noble to get some of the Funko exclusives. The same ones they were selling at the con were making their way to stores so off we went. Thanks to Travis who showed up earlier I got unmasked Captain America. black out Ant-Man, and unmasked Arrow ReAction figure. They didn't get the the adorbz XL of Groot and Rocket so we struck out. 

I ran back to the hotel to drop off everything and then ran back to the con to attend the Wrath of Con Bloggers panel. I showed up late but I enjoyed the panel. They had some great information, offered some advice, and got people to in the audience to talk about their blogs. If you are a first timer to SDCC, check out : An Englishman in San Diego, The Nerdy Girlie, Friends of CCI Forum, and Crazy 4 Comic Con!! There is a great community that will answer any questions you have about SDCC, including me but these 4 have a LOT of information. It's what they focus on. 

After the panel, I headed upstairs to the sails pavilion to wait for David Aja artist of Hawkeye autograph session to start. I wasn't going to miss out on getting him to sign my #1 Hawkeye. Gwen head up with me and we waited an hour and half for his 1pm signing. Then we waited almost an hour for me to get up there and the crazy thing, I was in the first 15 people. He was chatting, signing everything everyone had and sketching. I was so scared I wouldn't make it since he was only signing for an hour but I got there.

I got both my Hawkeye #1, Hawkeye #15 LEGO cover, and he sketched me a photo of the dog Lucky followed around in one of the issues. Thanks to Gwen for getting the photos for me. 

After that Gwen headed off to a panel and I found out Jaime and L were in line at the Disney Infinity pop up shop waiting for it to open. I got to hang out for a few the night before so I went over to met up with them. They had Disney Infinity 3.0 which includes Star Wars out for people to try out. They even had finger foods and drinks for the guests. Also if you played their interactive game you got a DI figure for free. Between the three of us and in two days we managed to get 6 of the 7 figures you could pick. Thank you so much Disney!

L-R top: Darth Vader (free with pre order), Sadness, and Obi-wan Kenobi.
L-R bottom: Yoda, Chewbacca, Sabine, and Quorra.

Once we were done there we headed back to the con to visit the exhibit floor since we had a bit of time to kill before the Her Universe fashion show. Also, somewhere in that killing of time I got the crazy idea to "Hey let me pick up my Mattel order which included 4 Monster High dolls." The hell was I thinking? But the pick up was the smoothest it had ever been in years and I lugged everything with us to the fashion show. Now the rest of the night concluded with the fashion show and Geeks Go Glam but I will be making those into their own posts! There is a lot to share for both those events.


Thanks for reading about my Thursday visit to SDCC!! Enjoy a bit more photo of fun!

SDCC Pinkie Pie

SDCC Pinkie Pie

Princess Leia Hot Toys

The Ninjabot Booth!

Princess Leia Prototype Disney Infinity

Han Solo and Chewbacca Disney Infinity

Curtain made of Power Discs!

It was all for you

Millennium Falcon Cockpit from Hot Toys

Figures based on art from Skottie Young

3.0 Disney Infinity Figures

Borderland Cosplay

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