SDCC 2015: Travel and Preview day!

San Diego Comic Con came and went. It was a freaking blast. I had the greatest time with the most awesome people. I think this trip was the best ever. I'm going to break these trip into a few different post just so I don't overwhelm everyone with it. Today's post will start off with our travel and preview day!

We took the Megabus to LA because it was 5 bucks and we wanted to say all our money for the con. Gwen met us in San Francisco and almost an hour after the bus was schedule to leave, we were on our way!

We got into LA Union Station at 4 am and waited for our 6am Amtrak to San Diego. We were sleep deprived but excited!! After arriving in SD, Joie picked us up, took us to our hotel, and we went off to find some food. Gwen really wanted pancakes. Joie had to leave but Travis and his dad met up with us for some food.

After wards we headed of to the convention center to get our tickets and wait for the doors to open!

I have to say, it was the smoothest badge pick up I have ever experienced in years at SDCC. We went in, got our badges, and headed to the Sails Pavilion to wait for the doors to officially open.

And we waited and waited and waited. They finally opened the doors and I was off to Hasbro because I really wanted that Stormtrooper. It was a complete clusterfuck and I couldn't get into the line. Hasbro was not prepared which is stupid since they do this year freaking year. I was determined though to get in. Sadly, a lady pissed off the guy that had more tickets and he walked away.

While I was working on Hasbro, Jaime ran off to get in line over at Hallmark for the Han Solo and Boba Fett itty bitty which he did score for me. (I LOVE YOU JAIME). I tried to get into the Marvel line after the Hasbro bullshit but I got shut out of that line too. I did mange to get the black and white Harley Quinn statue, the Invader Zim and Skottie Young Lando cover SDCC exclusives.

I also went over to The Ninjabot to pick up their exclusive Blade Runner print. I just recently watched that film and I love it. The ending was WTF but overall I love it and my crush on Harrison Ford will never die.

Then the con closed down. Gwen and I headed off to the Game of Bloggers met up but I got side tracked with the Disney Infinity pop up shop and went in. I got the Darth Vader figure for pre ordering! Then I headed off the met up.

(photo credit: Travis Grimm)

Game of Bloggers was held at the Dragon Den in their patio. It was way to crowded and loud that I went to the bar to settle in, order a drink and food. Gwen joined me and that's where I saw Travis, Joie, Nina, Liz, and Mia. We sat around the bar, ate, drank and had a fun time. Little did I know that was how my nights would go!

And that was night one of San Diego Comic Con. More posts to follow!!!

What did you do preview night?! Oh and here's some Cajun Sparkle. Gambit would be proud.

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