Toy Tuesday: Sailor Moon Moon Stick Proplica

A couple weeks ago I shared the Crystal Star locket from Proplica and decided I wanted to share photos of the first Proplica item I bought, Sailor Moon Moon Stick.

You can remove the crystal from the wand so you can have it on or off. I put in on and decided not to ever take it off! (That and I couldn't figure out how to remove it without it possibly braking.) It's body isn't as shiny as the Star Locket or as the original ones from the 90s. The gold portions of the wand are shiny.  This one also makes sounds but I don't leave the batteries in. I did that with an original wand and they burst in the compartment. Sad times.

It's so pretty!! It's a bit larger then my original wand from the 90s that I bought at Toys R Us when the series was on UPN, now known as THE CW. I love that it comes with a stand so it's not lying on my shelf. 

All three Sailor Moon Proplica items are still available on amazon!!

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