August 2015 Loot Crate: Villains!!

August loot crate was amazing! This month's theme was villains 2. They did a heroes set last month and the reason it was number 2 is because they did it last year too! I loved everything in it including the one item that I didn't get until I read the booklet. Let me show you what I got.

A picture of all the goodies together. I added the Venom gif as the first photo because I didn't want to spoil the goodies just in case someone hasn't gotten there stuff yet. If for some reason it didn't show just Venom in the preview, I am sorry. 

The first item I pulled was these awesome Hydra pin from eFX collectibles. It's a pretty nice size pin and with items from eFX, you know they are exact replicas. If I remember correctly, I believe they also made the SHIELD lanyard that was included in another box. 

The next item was this wooden Joker figure from DC Collectibles. It's listed as a Loot Crate exclusive so that's really cool. If comes with two interchangeable faces. There is a small change withe brows but the big thing is one face has HA on it and the other has Hee. I hope there is a Harley Quinn available. I would love to have one of her in this design. 

They included an apron! A Los Pollos Hermanos apron. This is the item where I had no idea where it was from. After I read the booklet, I figured it out. It's from Breaking Bad. I already have a friend asking for it which is funny because he also subs to loot crate. He has one already. He did offer a trade so I'm thinking about it. 


The last and the items that I was really excited for: THIS AWESOME VENOM MUG!! I guess you had a shot at getting Venom or Carnage and I got Venom. I was happy with that one because I saw the photo of the Carnage mug and I personally didn't like it. This also mean that I have another mug to my already overflowing mug collection. Someone isn't going to be happy!

And of course the booklet and a loot crate button was included like always! I was really happy with this box. July and August were great. June was okay and I don't remember what May was. I'm actually one of the few people who was okay not having a shirt this month. I already have too many clothes and there have been a few shirts that I didn't like and am trying to figure out how to sell. 

Did you get August's loot crate? What were your thoughts? Did you end up with a Venom or Carnage mug? 

Thanks for reading!

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