Favorite Fandom Phrases

Happy Friday everyone!! What do you have planned for the weekend? Me, I got nothing going on because I went to a bachelorette party last weekend and I'm still catching up on sleep. I also missed last weeks 5 Fandom Friday but I am here with today's topic Favorite Fandom Phrases.

I was trying to figure out what to do for my five choices. Did I want to use phrases that I love hearing or the phrases that I actually throw out. Did I want to use the exact quote or use it in the form of a sentence... hahaha...

I decided to just go with the exact quote because any excuse to use gifs, I will take it!

There are so many amazing quotes from Peggy but the "I know my value" made me tear. I'm always catching myself saying it to other people or to myself. Remember, anyone else's opinion doesn't matter. You know your value.

I actually tell this to folks. When I'm told how something may not work or there is a good chance of failing, I will yell at them to "never tell me the odds."

I love ALIENS and the "Game Over Man, Game Over" is my favorite quote from that film ever. I mean, the film has so many great lines but game over is my go to line for when things go south.

Louise is amazing and has so many awesome quotes that convoy just how I feel and sometimes I will say them out loud. A lot.

It's Mean Girls. Everything is quotable and I will quote it. So yea, you can't sit with us!

Those are my favorite fandom phrases! What are yours!?

Have a great weekend!

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