Her Universe San Diego Comic Con Fashion Show

One month later I finally have photos from the Her Universe Fashion Show that took place Thursday at San Diego Comic Con.

Even though we sat on the sides and most of my photos came from the big screens they had, Jaime took a lot of photos of the amazing dresses that the 25 designers created. They were all so beautiful and I had to figure out a way to show them all to you.

Before we got to see the designers creation walk the stage, Her Universe show cased some their pieces that are currently available on online and while the judging/counting was happen, they announced a new Studio Ghibli collection which made me spazz out in my seat.

And I can I mention how much I want the Princess Leia inspired dress that Ashley Eckstein wore? It was one of three dresses she had during the show that were designed for her by last year's winner Andrew MacLaine. I mean all three were amazing but I want the Princess Leia one.

Since I have a lot of photos and don't want to boggle down your loading time, I'm putting them behind a cut. But I do have photos of the winners!

Judges Winner: Kelly Cercone - Joker's New Look

Audience Winner: Leetal Platt - Usagi's Transformation

My photos do not do any of these creations justice but I had to blog about it because I was blown away.  The fashion show was one of my favorite events that happened during SDCC and I can't wait to go next year. These are not professional at all and look grainy because I took photos of the screen!

I did manage to find some of the designers after the show and they were nice enough to let me take a photo which you can see below!

That's no Moon - Tara Reich

The Greek Couture Burger (comes with Tzatziki sauce) - Kristin Koga

Assassin's Elegance - Daisy evans

Fanciful Flight - Kathryn Henzler

Poison Ivy Green Love - Oseas Villatoro

Bone Daddy - Laura Cristina Ortiz

Spider Gwen - Lindsay Hamilton

All the rest of the photos are behind the cut!!

Cutie Makes her Mark - Jessica Gonzalez

Fanciful Flight - Kathryn Henzler

Unicorn in the Waves - Jennifer Newman

Party Like a Monster - Lauren Andrews

She is Groot - Emily Ong

The Geek Couture Burger (comes with tzatziki sauce) - Kristin Koga
The model's attitude and energy for this outfit was on point!

Coctails at the End of the Line - Harmony Leiker
The dress light up!! Love it!

The Silver Lady - Laura Desch

It's Bigger on the Inside - Adria Sanchez-Chaidez

Assassin's Elegance - Daisy Evans

Baymax and Armored Baymax - Sam Skyler

Spider Gwen - Lindsay Hamilton

Rise from Fire - Erica Williams

Runway Ready Ripley - Hannah Kent
I need that jacket so bad!

I am the Bad Wolf - Amy Scott

Usagi's Transformation - Leetal Platt

Bone Daddy - Laura Cristina Ortiz

Poison Ivy Green Love - Oseas Villatoro

That's no Moon - Tara Reich

A Night Out with Harley - Belinda Mendoza

ALIEN QUEEN - Jesse Thaxton

Black Widow inspired dress

Thanks for looking and you can see the official photos over at Her Universe

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