I find your lack of faith disturbing. Where are the women of Star Wars?

I usually tweet about these things and then move on. Like where is Hera in Disney Infinity 3.0 or Where is Ashoka in these new figures? I say my tweet and go on with my day.

Over the weekend D23 EXPO was held and just as expected a whole lot of Star Wars news came out. I am a huge Star Wars fan and I was spazzing out with so much joy. Like, I was jumping up and down to the point where I think Jaime was going to tie me down on the chair so I wouldn't hurt myself.

Now that the weekend is over and I had time to register and look at everything, my find myself asking, Where the hell are the woman of Star Wars?

Let's start with the Star Wars Rouge One. The officially cast photo was released. The very first photo was shown to fans and I was excited. I can't wait to see the film of the team that stole the Darth Star plans and gave them to my favorite bad ass Princess.

First off can I say HOLY HELL DIVERSE CAST!!!???? Look at that cast. DIEGO LUNA IS IN THE CAST!! As a Mexican that makes me happy to be see someone in a Star Wars movie to represents me. Once, I got over that that's when I noticed out of the entire cast there is only one female. One Female. One. There is total of 9 cast members and you are telling me there is only one female.

Is there a huge lack of women in the galaxy? I'm sorry were they all on Alderaan when it got blown up? And please do not tell me to wait and see. I've been waiting to see more Woman in Star Wars for a very long time and to see a cast photo with 9 actors and only one of them represents me as a woman is kinda fucking annoying.

Let's move on.... Disney Infinity announced something really cool for the Star Wars portion of the DI game. They will be releasing light up figures where the lightsabers will glow. Um.. fuck yes!!

Credit: http://infinityinquirer.com/ 

A promo photo got released and let's see who we have: Obi-wan Kenobi, Anakin, Yoda, Darth Vader, Luke, and Kanan. There are two other figures that carry lightsabers - Ezra and Ashoka. Ezra, whatever but where the hell is Ahsoka? She has two lightsabers... she not worth getting re-released light up figure? And if is she will be, why leave her out of the promo shot? There are a ton of Ahsoka fans who will gladly throw money at you for a figure.

It's bad enough that out of the entire series of Star Wars for Disney Infinity there are three woman - Sabine, Ahsoka, and Princess Leia. Where is Hera??? She is part of the Rebels team. She flies the Ghost and is a bad ass pilot. Kanan even knows better and does what she says to do. Yet, Hera was left out with no plans to release her figure. So far, there are 12 figures on the package and of those 12, three are woman. Yes, today they also announced Rey will be getting a figure but so is Finn. Do the math.

There was a Princess Leia doll that was released at D23. A non slave Leia doll. She is wearing her New Hope outfit and blaster. Awesome!! Give me!! Oh wait, there were only 450 made and exclusive to D23 EXPO.

Excuse me what? A non slave Leia doll is finally released after so long and you're going to make her a exclusive? Oh let me check ebay,,, up she's going for about 300-400 right now. I know prices will drop once the "novelty" wears off but she will still be priced at 100. I saw that at Celebration with other figures that were released years ago. The Han's and Luke's of a specific line would be reasonable but if it was Leia in any outfit but slave, she was double or triple what the guys were going for.

I've been trying to get any kind of info if that same doll will be sold without the D23 sticker but so far nobody has been able to answer me. Here is hoping that it will be so I have a chance to grab one.

Should I get worked up over a fandom/movie as much as I am right now? Probably not, there are other things to be worked over but it's kinda annoying where something I love is right there and I'm not represented. Hell, I love Marvel and if you add up how many female super heroes they have compared to the guys and it's just sad.Really, really sad. I have to wait until 2018 to see my very first female lead movie. 2018!!

I know there is Star Wars Eight and Nine but the second Star Wars Story is about Han Solo. I love me some Han Solo but you couldn't go with Princess Leia? Ahsoka? Create a whole new female character?

I will always love Star Wars but yea, this just irks me.

But don't think for one second I won't keep talking about this. I will tweet asking for more women in Star Wars. I will tweet out for more Ahsoka, I will ask where is Hera. I will ask where is Sabine. Give me Princess Leia. I will speak up. No one may hear little ol me over here in the corner of the internet but I will ask for more!

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