Real Life Geeks Who Inspire Me

Welcome to another Fandom Friday post brought to you by Megan and Kristin. Today's topic is Real Life Geeks Who Inspire Me.  The entire week I have been siting here trying to figure out which 5 real life geeks inspire. Who do watch and I say "If they can, I can!"

So here is my list!

Felicia Day

She has build an empire on being a geek. She made The Guild, she started up Geek and Sundry, she wrote a book about her weirdness. I have met her a few times and she's always been great. I enjoy her Flog and the crazy things she does. She tries everything. I want to do that! 

Hayley Atwell

She is so amazing. I saw her panel at ECCC and things she had to say to her fans about feminism were aspiring. She also seems to truly care about her fans. And her dubsmash videos are amazing. And the fact that she loves Peggy Carter has much as we do makes her great in my book. Also she got to touch Chris Evans chest. She is enjoying everything she is doing and I want that in my life!

The Team at Espionage Cosmetics

This team has taken being a geek into a whole new level. Like it says on their about me page  "Espionage Cosmetics is run by an all-pro, all-nerd team that is passionate about all of the geeky stuff in the ‘verse. We believe make-up is just one more way to feel amazing about your stylish, nerd-tastic self." I mean to be able to take make up and make it nerdy is just awesome. It also has grown into something huge and amazing. I love their nailed it line and they create nail wraps with all different fandoms in mind. I've also seen Jamie Cordero (C.E.O) speak at panels about geek businesses and she has some great things to say about starting your own. I want to be able to make a living off of something that I love and they have!

Anne Wheaton

If you don't know who Anne Wheaton is, she is Wil Wheaton's wife and I am a huge fan of hers. I follow her on twitter and she's always tweeting pictures of her dogs and cats. She's tweeting photos of Lucy, the puppy she rescued who now has a forever home. She's hosting charities to help save the animals, talking about fostering or adopting from shelters. She loves animals and I think it's amazing the amount of time she puts into awareness of adopting. I'm all about saving the animals! I can't have pets because Jaime is allergic so getting to see photos on her feed brightens my day. She is hilarious on Table Top and oh my god how great is that photo above?


That's right! You guys who I follow on twitter, on google plus, on facebook, Female Geek Bloggers! You guys inspire me every day. You guys support me every day. May it be with collaboratins or with ideas on my next blog post. Heck, some of you have made get it out there and actually interact with others. I mean it's one thing to attend a con and shy away but it's another to say "Hello, my name is Gladys!" So thank you!

Thanks for reading! I'm at PAX until Monday so if you are around say hi!! Have a great weekend.

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