San Diego Comic Con 2015: Geeks Go Glam

One of the great things about SDCC week, all the amazing off site events that happen. Sometimes, you just don't need a ticket with all the stuff happening around the con. I went last year and had the same amount of fun.

One of the great off site events I got to attend was Geeks Go Glam. Geeks Go Glam was brought together by the amazing The Nerdy Girlie's Megan and Being Geek Chic's Liz. It was the fanciest party ever and I had such a great time.

I wore a pretty blue and black dress with stars on it. I paired it with my TARDIS earrings, TARDIS necklace (which you can't see) and an Adipose hair bow to make it Doctor Who themed! Jaime helped me figure it out after I had a mini melt down because my Her Universe Captain America dress didn't look right.

There was an amazing photo booth that was brought together by the folks at Pixster Photo Booth and Quirk Books which included a background from The Fangirl's Guide to the Galaxy. A few of us took over the photo booth and we got some great photos. The memories!!


I discovered some great drinks which were brought to the party by Kombucha on Tap. I have never had coffee on tap before! Megan keeps talking about The Filthy Souls and High Voltage brought them to the party. David Green gave an awesome solo and I need more music. Thanks Megan for introducing me to an awesome group!!

Oh my god can we talk about the swag bag?! So many cool things were given to us but I have to say the pack of nerdy Cards Against Humanity from Wattpad were my favorite. I need more nerdy sets for my game!!

I had so much fun at Geeks Go Glam that I feel it deserved it's own post! Mainly because we took so many awesome photo booth photos that I need to share them all!!

I can't wait for Geeks Go Glam 2016!!

If you want to see more photo booth fun, check out the Geek Go Glam page on Pixster Photo Booth here.

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