San Diego Comic Con Day 2!

I'm back with another SDCC post! This was day 2 of the con and we had no panels we wanted to check out. I did want to attend the Star Wars panel but I couldn't do the overnight camping and most people had been there since Thursday and I couldn't justify wasting a paid day so we just ran around the exhibit hall and other off site places!

We woke up early and headed to The Ninjabot booth for another Star Wars button but they had sold out. Nooooooooo! Thankfully Travis got me one so thank you!! I also managed to get into the non ticket line for Hasbro Shop! At the time I didn't know how I lucked out but I got in. Later on I found out it's because they sold out of Stormtroopers. Aw okay, well it's cool because I still walked away with other items.

After that, I found Jaime and Lilli at the Hasbro and they were testing out the new Transformer video game. They were also drooling over all the figures. I didn't get the play it but the game looked amazing! Also, Peter Cullen is voicing Optimus Prime in the new game, as it should be.

After some more time at the hall, we decided to get some food and get back in line at the Disney Infinity pop up shop for a second round of getting figures. They were giving away 7 different figures and in the span of two days we got six! The last one was Mickey but we decided not to do it on Saturday.

After we got out of there, we decided to check out the He-Man/Masters of the Universe pop up shop that Joie had told us about. You had to get a Skeletor coin that was being handed out around the area. That was the only to know the address. I was given one and off went. It was the coolest pop up shop! They had limited merchandise and they also had a case full of vintage Master of the Universe figures.

After that we headed back to the hall and took photos of both some cool cosplayers and items that we want but can't afford/have no room. Friday turned out to be a chill day for us. I find it so weird saying that because it's SDCC but really, we had no panels, I had pretty much grabbed all the exclusives either on preview or day 1, so we just wondered around at our own pace. Lines were still long at booths to try things, get photos with things, what not but we had fun.

Later that night we also attended SherlockeDCC will be written up on it's own post!

What did you do on day of SDCC, you know, if you went? Thanks for reading!

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