Toy Tuesday: Funko ARROW ReAction Figure (SDCC)

I picked up a lot of toys/figures during SDCC and some of them weren't picked up at the actual con. I've heard horror stories about the FUNKO booth and I finally tried to experience it myself. They were all true. It is an absolute bitch of a time trying to get into the line. I tried all four days I was there and I never got in. On Saturday they started offering tickets which they never announced and the workers wondered the con floor and gave them to people. I probably walked passed one and didn't even know. 

Thank goodness Funko sent a bunch of their summer con exclusives out in the wild aka stores and I was able to pick up all the ones I want with the exception of two - unmasked Bounty Hunter Leia and Anger with flame. I will be showing off some of my favorite items I got over the next few weeks. 

Today's figure is the Arrow ReAction figure. What makes him different from the regular release? He's unmasked. That is all. It's the same packaging and figure design but he doesn't have the hood up. I have a love/hate relationship with this series but I haven't been able to quit and I do love the character. I found him at Barnes and Nobles near the hotel while at SDCC and grabbed him. 

The packaging is simple like all their other ReAction figure releases. I don't have any current plans to pick up the other ones that were released but if they make a Diggle and Felicity ReAction figures I plan on getting them. 

I do punch the hole/opening out and hang them up on my wall. My ReAction figures in the package unlike my Funko POPS! that come out of the boxes. These guys are too small and probably don't stand up at all. 

Do you guys collect ReAction figures? Own any of the Arrow ones? Which other series do you own if you do collect them?

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