Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Toy Tuesday: HASBRO SDCC Exclusive Pinkie Pie

I am a fan of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic the early season. Pinkie Pie is my pony and when I saw that Hasbro was releasing a Pinkie Pie figure of her dressed up in a chicken outfit and she was packaged in a chicken bucket, OH MY GOD I had to get her.

And get her I did.

She was one of three items I did manage to get from the booth and even though I am still said I never got the one thing I really wanted, this Pinkie Pie is by far the coolest thing Hasbro has released.

As you can see above, it is straight up a chicken bucket. I just can't with the packaging. It's so awesome. Pinkie Pie dresses up in a chicken outfit for Halloween (as seen in the gif above) and proceeds to steal the show. It's one of my favorites.

When I first got it I thought I had to take her out of the bucket but the outside is a sleeve and the inside slides right out of it.

I love the thought that they put into making the packaging. Again, I don't keep my stuff in boxes but this another one where I can't throw anything away. I'm gonna have to majorly move things around to make room for her and the bucket.

Ah she is so cute!!! Hasbro did such an amazing job. She did cost a bit more then what I normally would spend on My Little Pony figures but like I mentioned, they did a great job with the figure, her costume, and presentation. She's also a bit bigger then the normal ponies they sell in shops, but since I haven't taken her out I'm not sure if she comes with additional things besides what you see. Also, I have no clue if you can take the costume off but why would one want to, right? I just have to make sure I keep it clean!

Hasbro did included her in the after con sale. Did anyone grab her from the site? How about at the actual con?


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