SDCC 2015 Monster High Nefera de Nile

Met my newest Monster High vinyl - Nefera de Nile. I grabbed her at San Diego Comic Con over at Matty Collector's booth. She was one of two Monster High exclusives for San Diego Comic Con. 

She came in a really pretty box! That's the thing about some SDCC exclusives, they even make the box worth keeping. All their other vinyls come in generic boxes that I brake open and throw out. I don't have plans to toss this one!

Nefera comes in a diamond shape package which is really cool. I love the set up of it. I'm still trying to decide if I want to officially take her out of this one or just leave her inside for the rest of it's shelf life. All the others are out on my shelf. Hopefully my need to have them all match won't make me take her out of her diamond enclosure.  

She's one of my favorite SDCC buys and can I say how much I love that Matty Collector's offers voucher sales for their SDCC items? I bought my items a month prior and the pick up at the con was the easiest thing ever. 

Do you collect any Monster High items? Did you get any of their SDCC exclusives?

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