5 Fandom Deaths I’m Still Upset About…SPOILERS!

In the famous words from River Song - "Spoilers, sweetie!" Happy Friday and welcome back to another Five Fandom Friday post! It's a new month and more new themes announced. This weeks theme is 5 Fandom Death I'm Still Upset About. I went with television because it was much easier to come up with. I have a lot of films, books, video games that I could keep going with but isn't that the case with 5 Fandom?

Anyways, on to my list!

1. Billy Shipton and Kathy Nightingale - Doctor Who

Okay, they didn't hit the bucket in a terrible way but their stories hit me hard. For those that don't watch Doctor Who, there are these villains called Weeping Angels. They touch you and send you back in time. You die in the past and they fed upon your energy in the present. In the words of the Doctor "The only psychopaths in the universe to kill you nicely." Kathy was Sally's (the main characters best friend) and she got sent back to the 1920s. She lived a nice life and died peacefully. She had her great grandson deliver a letter to Sally. Oh man, Billy was such a cutie. He was a cop and met Sally. He asked her out and they were oh so cute but then he got touched and sent back to the 60s. Sally was told were to find him in the present. She stayed with him in the hospital until he died of old age.

Tears guys!!! TEARS!!!

2. Moira Queen - ARROW

Second season was a mess but I love, love Moira Queen. She was so evil and I loved it. I am still not over how she died and why she died. They could of done so much more with Moira but nooooo. She was one of the few good characters on that show. I want Moira back!

3. The Mother - How I Met Your Mother

 I am upset as a viewer because the finale series was just crap and this whole time to find out it was because Ted wanted to be with Robin which let me tell, that relationship was just toxic.

As a person who watched this series, I am upset about that ending.

4. Ellen and Jo - Supernatural

I love both Ellen and Jo. I'm still not over what happened to them. The few kick butt female characters on this show and they get blown up. Ugh! I actually cried and I don't do that with Supernatural. I actually stopped watching in the sixth season. It got boring.

5. Oswin Oswald - Doctor Who

Let me just say that she was never alive but as a viewer we didn't know. When she finally lets it sink in that broke my heart. Doctor Who makes me cry a lot but her story was just sad and I can't believe it happened. The Doctor was trying to run around and save her and they had such awesome lines together and when it was finally found out she was a Dalek, I cried.

So here is my list. There is a lot more like I said but these were the first 5 that popped into my head. Now to run off and read everyone answers. I hope I don't need a lot of tissue.

Have a great weekend and Happy Force Friday!!

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