Favorite Things About Autumn

Welcome to another 5 Fandom Friday post!! Today we are writing about  our favorite things about Autumn!

Fall begins on the 23 and I can't wait for it!! San Francisco doesn't really experience seasons but for some reason the last few weeks have been really warm. I'm talking 90 degrees warn and that's deadly for some of us! Haha...

Here's hoping for some rain this season too!

1. Tea

I'm not a ice tea drinker so with the cooler seasons comingthat means I can drink a lot more tea! I love tea. I live for tea. I have so much tea it's crazy. My favorite right now is White Chocolate Peppermint and I can't wait to have it! Caffeine free of course since too much of it makes me sick!

2. Halloween

My favorite holiday of the year is coming! I just adore Halloween so much! The candy, the costumes, the spookiness, the horror movies. I am ready to celebrate!!

3. The return of my TV shows

The awesome thing about fall is that not only are some of my favorite shows returning to TV (still gotta wait until winter for The X-Files) when it's raining, I can wrap myself with my favorite Minion blanket, have some tea, and watch TV all day. My DVR is so not ready for the new season!


I have a problem. A problem that I will keep having! I love planners and even though a normal human doesn't need more than 1, I can't help myself. I also have so.many.post.it.notes that it's ridiculous. Fall means new planner options and more stuff to use! Give me all the stickers, pens, washi tape and post it!


In 3 weeks I will be on a plane (sadly not the R2-D2 or BB-8) to Japan. We will be going to Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, and of course Tokyo. I will get to celebrate Halloween at Tokyo Disneyland / Disney Sea and Universal Studios. I have plans to go to Deer Park in Nara. I have a list of all the restaurants I want to go to. We have been planning since March and it's almost here.

There it is! My favorite things about Autumn this year! Now off to read about your favorite things!!

Have a great Friday and have a wonderful weekend!

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