Geek Girl Brunch Bay Area Launch!

Back in August I along with Gwen and Jessica, launched the very first Geek Girl Brunch in the Bay Area! I was both very excited and nervous but it went off without a hitch and everyone had fun! Our first theme was MARVEL and I think we made the right choice.

The brunch was held at Townie Restaurant & Bar which is located in Berkeley, CA. I caught a ride with Gwen and Nina to the restaurant and we were greet already by a few of the girls joining us. Gwen, Jessica, and I then started to place the goodies/swag were giving away!!


I printed out Marvel LEGO coloring pages which were free and from the LEGO site. It was a mix of Spider-man, Guardians of the Galaxy, and The Avengers. Gwen brought The Avengers stickers and gave out nerdy version of Cards against Humanity cards.  for everyone. Jessica created some great candle holder which we used to place crayons for everyone to use. She also gave out Avenger theme pencils, erasers, and confetti!

Nina created really pretty Ant Man pins for everyone in attendance. Be sure to check out her Esty shop - Le Fancy Geek Boutique for some amazing necklaces.

After everyone was seated and drinks were ordered, we went around the table and introduced ourselves. It seems a lot of us love Star Wars, work in video games, and had a moment with Nathan Fillion. We then ordered our food and continued to chat and get to know each other. Through out the brunch we had Marvel trivia and prizes were handed out.

Thanks to Nina for donating a Thor necklace, Gwen had some awesome Marvel key chains, and I brought a Hulk Disney Vinylmation.

After brunch we headed off to Fantastic Comics and a few of us picked some stuff up! I bought a hard cover of Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back release of the original comics.

Everyone had  a blast and it sounded like a group like this was needed. We are having our next meet up in October and I think all things are pointing to a Nightmare before Christmas theme. If you are in the Bay Area and want to join, register over at Geek Girl Brunch and LIKE our facebook page to get updates!

I can't wait!

Thanks to Nina and Gwen for the photos. My phone has decided to have my photos for lunch.

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