PAX Prime 2015

Jaime and I got the chance to attend PAX Prime this year! This was my second visit and Jaime's first. we both a blast and got to try out so many awesome games.

We didn't really get to attended too many panels just Cards Against Humanity and Giant Robot both which crazy fun as hell. The rest of the 4 days we just spent out time standing line and getting to try games like Guitar Hero Live, Rock Band 4, Street Fighter V, some great PC games like Capsule Force and Color Ninjas, table top games like Exploding Kittens and Bravest Warriors. We also took some crazy pictures to try and win some games. One of them involved a white horse, a feather, and some weapons. (Witcher 3)

I also got to met Felicia Day! She signed her book and I got a photo with her. She's awesome! 

We enjoyed Rock Band 4, loved Splatoon and Super Mario Maker which is now making us buying a Wii U officially. We tried out Capsule Force because Mia Moore told us a friend worked out on it and we had a blast. It's a 2D game where the characters battle it out in levels that inspired by Anime and the 80s. OMG, sign me up.

Rock Band 4 and Guitar Hero Live newest format were great. They have less buttons to use which is so much easier for me. The guitar buttons on Rock Band 4 were a bit small for Jaime but he had fun too. Now to figure out which one to get.

Here are some pictures!

I also finally created my very first vlog? con vlog? Anyways, I made my first video with clips from PAX Prime. It's really rough and I had no idea what I was doing. There are some audio issues and some weird cuts but I am so freaking proud!! Right now it's unlisted and I'm working on amping myself up to making it public. I have shared it with a few friends and now I am posting it on my blog! 

Let me know what you think! Please leave me some feedback - what you liked or didn't like. I want to make videos and I am really excited with this one. I tried something new guys!! Ah!!

Thanks for reading!! Did anyone else get to attend PAX? What did you get to play? 

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