Funko Marvel Collector Corps Secret Wars Box

I'm finally getting around to sharing my Collector Corps box! I got it the Thursday I left for PAX and have just been lazy getting it photographed.

Fair warning: a flood of photos ahead!

This month we got 2 POP figures in the box! Also included was a comic, t-shirt, patch, and pin. I was so excited getting two figures. This time we got Thor and Spider-man!!

Check out Miles Morales!!! I was really excited to see him in the box. Now according to Collector Corps, these are exclusive to the box and will not be released in stores. I'm wondering if  Funko will be doing a different version of Miles or is this it. I really hope they make more Miles Morales.

Oh my goodness check out Thor!! Ack, I love it. I saw a prototype photo floating around so I knew she was coming but I didn't realize it would be for the Collector Corps. I think she's my favorite by far. I did like the Hulkbuster but Thor beats him out. She comes with her hammer, her cap, and I love the helmet.

Also included was issue 1 of Secret wars and the cutest POP shirt ever! The patch and pin went somewhere and I don't really photograph them. I'm here for the POPs!! Haha...

Did you get your box already? What did you think of the picks? Also, I can't wait for the next one, VILLAINS!!

Oh and did you guys hear about the Star Wars one? Oh yea, I'm ordering that one too. I actually cancelled Loot Crate for it.

Thanks for reading!

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