Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Toy Tuesday: Funko POP! Star Wars The Force Awakens Figures

I'm back with another Toy Tuesday post!! I'm a collector of Funko POP! figures and they of course they released 11 figures for Star Wars The Force Awakens. I've been slowly collecting them because my mission is to get the exclusive ones first and I just had to grab BB-8.
  • Amazon has a Heavy Artillery First Order Stormtropper. The original release doesn't have him with a weapon. 
  • Hot Topic has an exclusive Rey one. The original release has her without googles and her staff!
  • Gamestop has an exclusive Finn one. The original release just has him in his jacket/outfit. This one is him in a Stormtropper uniform!

Target has a Kylo Ren without Hood, Wal Mart has Poe without his helmet, and Barnes and Nobles has a shiny C-3PO. I'm on a mission to find those and I still need to pick up Captain Phasma, First Order Flametropper, and First Order Snowtropper.

As always, they are bobble heads and when I pulled them all out of their package they were facing to the left or right. I had to use some funky moves to get them to face forward and not damage the spring. BB-8 base is removable and he sits just fine but do not just pick him up from the head. The base does not stick to him and it falls. I had to remind myself of that a few times. He's also really heavy. My toe paid the price of me dropping him.

Otherwise, I love this set! BB-8 of course is my favorite and I love that they made Finn in a Stormtropper outfit!

Are you collecting any of the Star Wars The Force Awakens POPS!?


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