Unearthed From My Closet: May The Force Be With You

I've been having a few months where I'm just not happy with myself. I'll awake up and throw on whatever is near me but I'd also ended up with a zip up hoodie all day. I'd just end up in a half pony tail with visions of chopping off my hair. 
It happens and I can usually snap myself out of it but this time, it just wasn't working.

Yesterday though, I had a good day and even though all I did was throw on a sweater, I was actually happy with myself and how I looked.

Outfit Details:

Black Skinny Pants: UNI QLO
Black Knee High Boots: Ross but similar style here
Not seen - I love you I know v-neck: Her Universe 

I have a tendency to forget what I have bought recently. Yup, I have THAT problem and as I was digging around I rediscovered my "MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU" sweater. May The Force is in gold, Be With is in bronze, and You is in silver. I had underneath my favorite Lei and Han shirt from Her Universe. I topped it off with my favorite black skinny pants and my knee high boots.

I need more boots. 

AND LOOK AT MY HAIR!! We went to the Dickens's fair on Sunday and after three years of hmm and huh, I finally got my hair braided. I asked the ladies which one would last through a few nights sleep and let me keep the style for as long as possible, she recommend this one. 


I took these photos last night so you can see the tiny hairs escaping, which is something they do no matter the hair style I have on. Hair spray is a losing battle and bobbi pins seems to vanish when you really need them. Once I take the braids out they will be all over my room. 

Maybe it was getting my hair done that snapped me out of my funk and helped with the whole "you got a sweater on and you look goooooood!' mentality I had yesterday morning. I wish I could braid my hair like this but that would require some bending that I don't think I can do. I'm also going to try and milk this braid for as long as I can. 

And since I am wearing something STAR WARS, I'm going to count this outfit as part of my 30 Days to Star Wars The Force Awakens countdown! Day 7!!

Thanks for reading and what other advice do you have about getting yourself out of funk? 


Project Life: Scrapbooking My Trip To Japan

One of the geeky things that I love to do is scrapbook. I love decorating my photos, cutting up paper, gluing things down, and getting to relieve that moment in the photo. Also, it gets them off my computer!

I use to do the traditional scrapbooking but I don't have the room for all the freaking supplies. I sold them on eBay and switch to doing it all digital and then having them printed out into books from Shutterfly. I heard about Project Life which is pretty much using pocket pages and some places sell pre printed papers so all you go is slide things in and you are done.

I really can't explain but I missed using actual supplies and pocket pages and simple cards take up less space so I started my memory keeping that way. I also started working on my Japan trip and I wanted to share the first couple of pages I have done.

Here's the title page. I used a photo from us at Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Tokyo Tower, The Golden Temple, and the deadliest ramen I have ever eaten! I had a card with a "map" on it and I typed out "Let's be Adventures" on my typewriter, and used letter stickers for the title card. I need to write out Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, and Tokyo on the bottom of it. I want to use my own hand writing but I need to work up the nerve to do it. I don't want to screw up the card.

The next page has a group photo of us at the airport! I also included the photo of my wallet and yen that I had taken the day before. I typed up info about our flight on the typewriter and glued them on to a card that has airplanes on it. That photo of me and Jaime and then the smaller one with Debra were on the plane. I lost my actual boarding passes so I printed out the e-mail with our flight info.

I collect so many papers just in case they can be included in my book.

This page has the first picture I took of Osaka after we got out of the airport and onto the subway. I added a photo of the subway route map too because look how crazy it is! I also included Jaime's freak out of his first vending machine. It was too cute not to add.

The last page I have completed shows a bit of where we stayed at and how tall Jaime is! He bumped his head everywhere that first night. That bowl of tuna was my first official meal in Osaka and the random stack of stuff was my score at 7-11! They have awesome things at their 7-11s! The next day was our official first day and we headed off to Kyoto. When we got off the subway to switch to another train we smelled something yummy that Jaime yelled out "Follow the smell" and we ended up at a waffle place called Manneken. They had chocolate, green tea, maple sugar, and other flavors. Of course since it was Halloween they even had Pumpkin. It was so yummy!

There you have it! I scrapbook! I love to scrapbook! I love to craft in general and scraping is something that lets me do that. I just want to mention how hard it is to photograph these! The natural lighting in my building/apt is pretty much gone now and the amount of glare I got from the plastic. I need to work on photographing them but I still wanted to share my pages even though they are not perfectly photographed.

Do you guys scrapbook?


Everyday Cosplay: Leia Organa - Bespin Outfit

Everyday Cosplay: Princess Leia -Cloud City

If follow me on twitter, you know I am ridiculously excited for The Force Awakens. I have no control over how excited I am. Disneyland is also starting their Season of the Force on November 16 and I really want to go but I'm broke and I have my Star Wars 5K marathon in January so I think I can wait 2 months.

So I have an everyday cosplay post! It's been a while since I've done an everyday cosplay post and I decided to tackle Leia Organa's outfit from Star Wars Empire Strikes Back: Cloud City / Bespin! The outfits she wears in Empire Strikes Back are some of my favorites.

It looks like in the movie the burgundy outfit is two pieces but I decided to go for a one piece/jump suit. I love these outfits but I never seem to personally find one that would look good on me. For the long sleeveless cardigan I went with something simple and in grey. Truthfully, I can't tell if it's grey, blue, or cream colored so I just went with something I like. Her shoes also matched the color of her top/pants and I tried really hard to find matching ones. I think I did a great job.

This is a outfit I could actually wear depending on how the one piece looks on me! Haha..


Unearthed From My Closet: Visit to the Ghibli Museum

One of the things I got to do while in Japan was visit the Ghibli Museum. It was beautiful and breathtaking. I love all the animated films that have been released by Studio Ghibli and I made sure that I got to visit with or without my friends.

During SDCC, I bought Her Universe Studio Ghibli Spirited Away Haku Kimono and I knew that I needed to wear it the day I visited the museum. I kept it simple and paired it with jeans and a black v-neck from Old Navy. The kimono is so pretty, flowy, and comfortable. I own a lot of Her Universe items and this one is my favorite by far.

We weren't allowed to take photos inside so I am limited to the outside shots which include my outfit but I plan on making a post about my adventures in the museum soon!

Thanks for stopping by!

Japan Trip: MaiDreamin Cafe

The one thing that failed me when trying to share my UK/France photos was I tried to do them by day. I decided for Japan, I'm going to share the specific things we did. 

On a random day in Osaka as we were wondering the streets, we came across a maid cafe and decided why not! I didn't get to go to one during my last trip and Debra was excited to check it out. It was called MaiDreamin. We took a look at the menu and they had the cutest set up for the food. There were also packages that would include just the  meal or you could go as high as getting a performance. 

We just picked a meal, drink, and a photo! 

We were not allowed to take photos of the maids or much of the inside but they did allow us to take photos of the food and I had to because OMFG they were ridiculously cute!

I order a grape soda alcohol drink which was pretty good and I got the bear face hamburger meal. It look like a kids meal and I was all about it! Jaime got a katsu bear and yes it was cute but OMG my first thought was "they killed the poor bear!" 

The food was good. It wasn't amazing but really, you are not there for the food. While we waited for our food, our maid would come over and talk to us. She was really nice and tried so hard to talk to us in English. There was were two other people in the restuarant so they were getting chatted with a lot but I wasn't going to complain. 

I did read a review at another cafe where people complained that their maid didn't talk to them a lot. Um.. if you both don't know each others language how do you expect a full blown convo? Anyways, while we waited for our food, she came over and placed headbands on us.

I got bunny ears, Debra got bear ears, and the boys got maid headbands. I love that Jaime was such a good sport over everything. I know he wouldn't be all like meh WTF but it was great to know we weren't making him do things he didn't want too. 

After we were done with our meal, the maid took photos with each one of us and told us how to pose. Since they used instax film, they were instant and they decorated them too!

I love our photos and I can't wait to put them in my scrapbook. We hung out for a bit more and then we left.

It was a fun experience and even though it was a bit pricey, they add a per person fee as well, I'm glad we did it. Also, we discovered that MaiDreamin cafe is everywhere. We saw a bunch of them when we got to Tokyo and the girls put out CDs and have shows. I knew they performed in the cafes but no, they do a whole lot more!

If you are interested in checking it out the one we went to was in Osaka. I'll leave the address below.

Have you been to a maid cafe? How was it? Do you want to go to one?

4-16-15 Nipponbashi Naniwa-ku Osaka-shi 
Osaka 556-0005 


Funko Marvel Collector Corps - Villains

I got my Funko Collector Corps in the mail which was a great surprise. They normally send out a tracking number but it just showed up in my mail box last week!

So this month's theme was Villains and I couldn't wait to see what was inside and I was excited for the theme. So here's what I got!

Let's start off with the pin and patch. I actually found a vest on sale and i have plans to add all of these patches on it! It's going to be glorious! This time around I got a Green Goblin pin and a Red Skull patch.

Up next is the comic and shirt. This time it was issue #1 Invincible Iron Man. This is another series I am not reading so I'm going to sell it or use it in a project. The shirt is pretty cool but again, not something I'm going to use. 

This time around we got an Dorbz Loki and a Venom POP keychain. Jaime has taken the keychain. Loki is pretty cute. This is my third Dorbz figure. I'm not going out of way to buy them though because I really don't need another collection. 

And the POP! figure for this box is a Zombie Morbius. I don't know much about this character but Jaime does. I am debating if I'm going to keep it or sell it. Jaime told me a bit about his back story but I have so many things already that I don't have the room to keep something just because. 

It's the risk I take when I sub to these boxes but I'm okay with that. I've had good luck selling the Loot Crate stuff I don't want so selling these items shouldn't be too hard.

Did you get a Collector Corps box? Did you get the same items? What were your thoughts on this month's theme?

I can't wait to see what's in store for the next one!

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