Friday, November 20, 2015

30 Days to Star Wars The Force Awakens!

So in case you haven't heard, it's less than a month before Star Wars The Force Awakens will be in theaters. I got my marathon tickets ready and I can't wait. A few people are doing a 30 days of Star Wars hashtag on twitter or making posts. I saw Travis start posting his 30 days so I decided to join in! It started off with Amy from Geek with Curves who posted to "share my favorite Star Wars videos, quotes, gifs, etc. for the next 30 days to count down"

So let me start with what would of been day 1!

My very first Star Wars Celebration!

I had never been to one and we got extremely lucky this year. Jaime was able to score us discounted tickets and we decided on a whim to make a day trip out of it. In case you don't know we live in San Francisco and Celebration was in Anaheim. It was a very long bus ride. You can read about my adventure here

Day 2: My Star Wars Jewelry!

It's not a lot but I love my tiny collection of Star Wars jewelry. A few pices are official merch, some are fan created, or made by me. I have an Ahoska Tano LEGO necklace some where! 
The AT-AT is from UnpossibleCuts, the Death Star is from FemmeCrafts, LEGO Lightsaber earrings are something I made, The Princess Leia bangle is from Ani and Alex x Disney collab, and the Star Wars hoops were picked up by a friend from the LUCASFILM store. I need more Star Wars accessories in my life. 

Day 3: Star Wars Weekend at Walt Disney World

We went to WDW for the second time last year and go so lucky when they added an extra weekend for Star Wars weekends. They only happened Friday - Saturday in May and June. It was a lot of fun! We got met a bunch of different Star Wars characters, had breakfast with some villains, had dinner with Jedi Mickey and Friends, ride Star Tours, and just nerd out. You can read a bit about it here! We had plans to return next year but they sadly announced they will not be having it due to the building of Star Wars land. 

There you have it! My first three days of 30 days to TFA!! I may do solo posts for some days but I may also combine a few of them. 

Are you ready for Star Wars? Do you not care? Haha... I totally understand if you are so over it!!

Have a great weekend. 


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