Funko Marvel Collector Corps - Villains

I got my Funko Collector Corps in the mail which was a great surprise. They normally send out a tracking number but it just showed up in my mail box last week!

So this month's theme was Villains and I couldn't wait to see what was inside and I was excited for the theme. So here's what I got!

Let's start off with the pin and patch. I actually found a vest on sale and i have plans to add all of these patches on it! It's going to be glorious! This time around I got a Green Goblin pin and a Red Skull patch.

Up next is the comic and shirt. This time it was issue #1 Invincible Iron Man. This is another series I am not reading so I'm going to sell it or use it in a project. The shirt is pretty cool but again, not something I'm going to use. 

This time around we got an Dorbz Loki and a Venom POP keychain. Jaime has taken the keychain. Loki is pretty cute. This is my third Dorbz figure. I'm not going out of way to buy them though because I really don't need another collection. 

And the POP! figure for this box is a Zombie Morbius. I don't know much about this character but Jaime does. I am debating if I'm going to keep it or sell it. Jaime told me a bit about his back story but I have so many things already that I don't have the room to keep something just because. 

It's the risk I take when I sub to these boxes but I'm okay with that. I've had good luck selling the Loot Crate stuff I don't want so selling these items shouldn't be too hard.

Did you get a Collector Corps box? Did you get the same items? What were your thoughts on this month's theme?

I can't wait to see what's in store for the next one!

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