Japan Trip: MaiDreamin Cafe

The one thing that failed me when trying to share my UK/France photos was I tried to do them by day. I decided for Japan, I'm going to share the specific things we did. 

On a random day in Osaka as we were wondering the streets, we came across a maid cafe and decided why not! I didn't get to go to one during my last trip and Debra was excited to check it out. It was called MaiDreamin. We took a look at the menu and they had the cutest set up for the food. There were also packages that would include just the  meal or you could go as high as getting a performance. 

We just picked a meal, drink, and a photo! 

We were not allowed to take photos of the maids or much of the inside but they did allow us to take photos of the food and I had to because OMFG they were ridiculously cute!

I order a grape soda alcohol drink which was pretty good and I got the bear face hamburger meal. It look like a kids meal and I was all about it! Jaime got a katsu bear and yes it was cute but OMG my first thought was "they killed the poor bear!" 

The food was good. It wasn't amazing but really, you are not there for the food. While we waited for our food, our maid would come over and talk to us. She was really nice and tried so hard to talk to us in English. There was were two other people in the restuarant so they were getting chatted with a lot but I wasn't going to complain. 

I did read a review at another cafe where people complained that their maid didn't talk to them a lot. Um.. if you both don't know each others language how do you expect a full blown convo? Anyways, while we waited for our food, she came over and placed headbands on us.

I got bunny ears, Debra got bear ears, and the boys got maid headbands. I love that Jaime was such a good sport over everything. I know he wouldn't be all like meh WTF but it was great to know we weren't making him do things he didn't want too. 

After we were done with our meal, the maid took photos with each one of us and told us how to pose. Since they used instax film, they were instant and they decorated them too!

I love our photos and I can't wait to put them in my scrapbook. We hung out for a bit more and then we left.

It was a fun experience and even though it was a bit pricey, they add a per person fee as well, I'm glad we did it. Also, we discovered that MaiDreamin cafe is everywhere. We saw a bunch of them when we got to Tokyo and the girls put out CDs and have shows. I knew they performed in the cafes but no, they do a whole lot more!

If you are interested in checking it out the one we went to was in Osaka. I'll leave the address below.

Have you been to a maid cafe? How was it? Do you want to go to one?

4-16-15 Nipponbashi Naniwa-ku Osaka-shi 
Osaka 556-0005 

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