Unearthed From My Closet: May The Force Be With You

I've been having a few months where I'm just not happy with myself. I'll awake up and throw on whatever is near me but I'd also ended up with a zip up hoodie all day. I'd just end up in a half pony tail with visions of chopping off my hair. 
It happens and I can usually snap myself out of it but this time, it just wasn't working.

Yesterday though, I had a good day and even though all I did was throw on a sweater, I was actually happy with myself and how I looked.

Outfit Details:

Black Skinny Pants: UNI QLO
Black Knee High Boots: Ross but similar style here
Not seen - I love you I know v-neck: Her Universe 

I have a tendency to forget what I have bought recently. Yup, I have THAT problem and as I was digging around I rediscovered my "MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU" sweater. May The Force is in gold, Be With is in bronze, and You is in silver. I had underneath my favorite Lei and Han shirt from Her Universe. I topped it off with my favorite black skinny pants and my knee high boots.

I need more boots. 

AND LOOK AT MY HAIR!! We went to the Dickens's fair on Sunday and after three years of hmm and huh, I finally got my hair braided. I asked the ladies which one would last through a few nights sleep and let me keep the style for as long as possible, she recommend this one. 


I took these photos last night so you can see the tiny hairs escaping, which is something they do no matter the hair style I have on. Hair spray is a losing battle and bobbi pins seems to vanish when you really need them. Once I take the braids out they will be all over my room. 

Maybe it was getting my hair done that snapped me out of my funk and helped with the whole "you got a sweater on and you look goooooood!' mentality I had yesterday morning. I wish I could braid my hair like this but that would require some bending that I don't think I can do. I'm also going to try and milk this braid for as long as I can. 

And since I am wearing something STAR WARS, I'm going to count this outfit as part of my 30 Days to Star Wars The Force Awakens countdown! Day 7!!

Thanks for reading and what other advice do you have about getting yourself out of funk? 

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