Unearthed From My Closet: Visit to the Ghibli Museum

One of the things I got to do while in Japan was visit the Ghibli Museum. It was beautiful and breathtaking. I love all the animated films that have been released by Studio Ghibli and I made sure that I got to visit with or without my friends.

During SDCC, I bought Her Universe Studio Ghibli Spirited Away Haku Kimono and I knew that I needed to wear it the day I visited the museum. I kept it simple and paired it with jeans and a black v-neck from Old Navy. The kimono is so pretty, flowy, and comfortable. I own a lot of Her Universe items and this one is my favorite by far.

We weren't allowed to take photos inside so I am limited to the outside shots which include my outfit but I plan on making a post about my adventures in the museum soon!

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