Thursday, December 31, 2015

Small Goals {JANUARY}

It is currently 9:07am PST New Year's Eve. Usually I would be sitting around typing up New Years Resolutions that would never, ever see beyond the paper I wrote them on. I'm overly ambitious and I seriously think that "this will be the year!" that I will do these major things.

I'm laughing with you as well Jake. I'm laughing too....

Even though I was lazy with my blog this month I still kept up with my fellow geeks. A few people started creating these small goals posts. There was a list of maybe 5 things they wanted to accomplish for the month. They were all simple things like finish a book or revamp a post.

If you want to know more check out these blog posts from Mia, Liz, and Gwen.

So I decided to take a post from their blog and instead of creating these huge resolutions that will scare me, I'm going to be creating my own small monthly goals as well.

January Goals:
  Read one book I had a yearly goal for 2015 for reading 50 books and that totally failed. I also have three books I started and never finished. My goal is to pick one of those unfinished books and read it in January. If I get to two, that would be awesome. 

 Blog at least once a week I think I ran out of steam this month and I hate editing photos. I do have three posts in drafts but I just didn't want to edit a thing. So let me start fresh and go with at least one post a week this month. 

 Do an unboxing video I love watching unboxing videos and I have been wanting to make one of my own. I've been sitting on my December Smuggler Bounty, Collector Corps, and Loot Crate boxes. It just gets dark at 5pm (when I'm out of work) and I don't have nice background space. I just need to get over that and do it! So my goal is to get one video out there in YouTube land this month. 

 Run at least twice a week I signed up for the Star Wars 5K marathon in June. It's happening in January and I started training really, really late. I've been told that I can also walk during the 5K if needed and since I am a walker, I think I will be ok. I want to keep running even after the marathon. I don't exercise for anything and I haven't ran since high school so I want to keep going. Heck, maybe I will sign up for the Avengers marathon later in the year!

 Start putting money into a savings account This is not because I'm going to have a savings account ( I do), it's because I majorly screwed up and I got myself into a mini debt. I call it a mini debt because I can swim myself out of it if only I just saved and STOP SPENDING. I've been selling clothing on Poshmark and Mercari (SORRY BUT I AM PLUGGING!! Sign up with poshmark using BLGIR and we both will get $10 bucks or sign up with Mercari using UKGBZD and we both get 2 bucks!) but instead of setting it aside to pay off my credit card I'll buy something else. Oh, I sold a bunch of collectibles let me finally get that Wii U. I sold 8 shirts this month, they will cover my Hot Toys monthly payment. If I toss in at least 50-100 a paycheck, I can send one large lump sum at the end of the month along with the monthly payment. This way every month I have an account that will be used to pay off that mini debt. Hoping to get out of it by the summer.  

These are my monthly small goals! I feel pretty good about typing them out there. They are small and simple. These are doable. Yoosh~!!

Do you guys have small monthly goals? Are you going to create any? Let's cheer each other on!!


Small Monthly Goals posts are inspired by writes like a girl!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Japan Tip: Eat All The Popcorn at Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea

I'm back with another Japan trip post. This time it's about our adventures at Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea. I'm going to have a few posts about our Disney trip so be prepared for those.

One of the things we did while at the parks was to try out all their different popcorn flavors. Unlike Disneyland in California, they offer more then just salted buttered popcorn. There was Honey, White Chocolate, Curry, and more. I was also on a mission to buy the Little Green Alien popcorn bucket.

Since they have different flavors all the time, they include the listing on the maps! They tell which ones they have and where you can get them. Both Disneyland and Disney Sea had them listed on their maps and a few of them were only at a certain park.

We didn't try the caramel or salt because they are basic ones we can get out here, I missed the honey both times, and Cappuccino is not our thing.

Jaime thought it would be a cool idea to record our reactions to all the different popcorn flavors and I put it together into one spiffy video. A spiffy video where you get to see us make fools of ourselves. Haha.. and you also get to hear/see Jaime get really into taste testing the popcorn.

We also found the Little Green Men mochi and those were delicious too. Delicious and adorable.

Please check out the video if you want to see our reactions and us acting like fools.

Thanks for reading and watching!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

I Made A Holiday Card!!

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

I like to make things which includes Christmas cards. I always try to make them geeky and fun. I will see an idea on pinterest and sometimes I can make it work and sometimes they just need to end up on pinterest fail. 

I didn't make a card last year and really didn't have any plans to do it this year. I was at work and out of no where I got this crazy wave of inspiration to make us a holiday card. I was looking at instagram thinking about doing a blog post showcasing some of my favorite photos for 2015 when it hit me that it would make a cool holiday card.

Have you ever gotten something stuck in your head and it won't leave you alone until you make it? This was this moment. As soon as I got home, I tossed my purse on the floor and I started to work. 

I created a 5x7 white background in PSE. I figured white would be better and simpler. I then selected nine photos from this year to use. This was the hardest part. Jaime even got involved and we started tossing photos out, looking for specific ones, moving them around etc. Yup, the hardest part. 

I re-sized the photos to 1.5x1.5 and just lay them out in some sort of order. Japan got the bulk because that was a major event for us. Jaime liked Merry & Bright as the greeting so I went with that. I added the lightsabers because again, we are Star Wars nerds in this family. They came from a digital scrapbooking kit I bought. 

And to end it off, I added our names using a typewriter font because I love typewriters. I also sent them off to costco and got them printed in lustre (non glossy) and they were 57 cents. 

And if you got this far in reading about my (simple) Holiday card creation, I thank you. I'm really proud of this one. 

Are you guys making holiday cards? Buying them instead? Not doing it at all? 

Have a great one!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Photo An Hour: Birthday Edition!

It had to happen and also, I haven't done a photo an hour post in a long time. This was a challenge since I was working that day and I'm also chained to my desk so trying to find something to photograph every (work) hour was tough. I think I managed!

1pm // Lunch time and loved the art on this truck

2pm // The Christmas tree in the lobby

3pm // Corner of my messy desk

4pm //Pretty Lights

5pm // Getting some 3DS gaming in

6pm // Birthday Celebration

Woot!! Like I mentioned above, it was hard to take a photo an hour because I work with sensitive items and I needed to be careful how I photographed things. But it was a fun challenge.
That day was a great day and I really want to keep doing these photo an hour posts! I do have fun with them.

Thanks for reading!!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Holiday Wish List

Holiday Wish List

Holiday Wish List by usagimylene

Hey there folks!! Welcome back to another blog episode of Five Fandom Friday. Five Fandom Friday is brought to you by The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick with occasional guest stars!

Today's Five Fandom Friday topic is our Holiday Wish List!

1. Ever since I saw the collection at Star Wars celebration, I have been wanting all the shoes. Sadly, I can't wear heels so flats are the way to go for me. The Han and Leia flats are on my wanted list. I've been selling like crazy to get them. I found them in stock at and I am hoping to get the money before they sell out. 

2. I bought the Alex and Ani Princess Leia and Jack Skellington bangle and I just found out they released even more Star Wars bracelets. I really want the Imperial Crest bangle. They also have the Jedi Order and Alliance Star Bird bangles. 

3. Disney and Dooney & Burke have teamed up to release some beautiful bags. I have their Avengers one and I really want this Haunted Mansion tote. I am such a fan of anything Haunted Mansion and I love that high end designers are making geeky bags. 

4. I discovered Look Human and I love everything. I have one Sailor Moon and a Oliver Queen sweater. I need more Sailor Moon items in my life and this Moon Princess one is perfect and cute and pink!!!

5. A few fellow bloggers have been holding giveaways for Love and Madness items. They offer sell official Star Wars jewelry and they finally have a Princess Leia necklace. It's cute and I want it. I did want some rings but I don't get along with adjustable which makes me sad. I also want the dancing R2-D2 but the Princess Leia necklace is on the list.  

I threw in the Charlie Brown Christmas tree to make my set more festive. Haha...

Are you really surprised about the amount of Star Wars on my list? I go through phases of things I love and right now it's Star Wars. Wait until January and I will be all over anything The X-Files. 

What's on your holiday wish list?

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, December 5, 2015

WeirdEST Everyday Cosplay!

WeirdEST Everyday Cosplay!

WeirdEST Everyday Cosplay! by usagimylene

In case you haven't heard. Her Universe has started a publishing division and I am excited!! 

NEW YORK, NY – October 13th, 2015 – Groundbreaking fangirl fashion company, Her Universe, and its founder, Ashley Eckstein, announced Saturday in a special panel at New York Comic Con that the company is expanding its reach by launching a new publishing program under an imprint called Her Universe Press. The imprint will build its readership on the company’s wide audience of fans and provide new and aspiring female writers the chance to see their original work professionally published. Focusing on the sci-fi and fantasy genres, the imprint will publish fiction and non-fiction for all age ranges with an emphasis on the tween, young adult market. Her Universe Press will be seeking to publish female authors who write empowering stories with positive messages and a focus on strong female protagonists. Each book will be marketed and promoted by Her Universe and by Ashley Eckstein personally through social media, events and promotions. Titles by Her Universe Press will be available through major booksellers, such as Barnes and Noble and, as well as on eBooks through Audible and iTunes. The first two books will be released spring/summer 2016.

More stories from females writers in the Sci-Fi and Fantasy genre is what I need! It's not only for me but for Lilli too. She's obsessed with reading and I want to give her everything to read. She started to read Moving Target a Princes Leia Adventure and was really enjoying it. She went back to her mother's and I would let her take the book. She wants more of those kinds of books but with female leads so yup, super excited for Her Universe Press. 

One of the first books to be released was announced and I love the premise of it. I also think it will be something Lilli will love to  read. I just need to get around to ordering it. And while I was on amazon pre order page, I deiced to attempt my hands at an every day cosplay of the young girl on the cover. 

  1. It was hard trying to find a two different shades of green shirt but I really love the sweater I managed to unearth. The price point, not so much. 
  2. Capris are not in season right now but of course you can find almost everything on amazon. 
  3. I didn't know pink flats were something I wanted until I made this outfit. 
  4. For the heart which is on her sweater, I found the glitter heart brooch and for the hair barette, I found one made out of LEGO pieces, both from Etsy. 
  5. I found these really cute pink stud earrings and thought they matched really well with the flats.
  6. Did you guys know emoji jewelry was a thing? I didn't until I decided to search for it. So in honor of the smiley face on the cover, a heart eyes emoji ring
I had fun creating this outfit and I really can't wait to get this book. In case you were curious, here's a description of WeirdEST:

Imagine having superpowers that physically manifest your most embarrassing emotions. 
Veronica McGowan is a typical, unremarkable, average thirteen-year-old. And this is the bane of her existence. Desperate to be an “Est”—cutest, smartest, funniest—Veronica bumbles her way through 8th grade, never truly being herself for fear of rejection. Being a teenager is hard enough without the whole demoralizing world of Pearce Middle School knowing how you really feel. And nothing could be worse than everyone discovering how lame you really are. Or so she thinks….

One night, Veronica plots a way to become cool, wishing something—anything—about her would change, making her an “Est.” The next morning, Veronica wakes up for another woeful day of teenage anonymity, only to make a mortifying discovery—her strongest emotions physically manifest themselves in weird ways!

She belches fire when she’s angry, dark clouds soak her with rain when she’s sad, and she grows a protective turtle shell when she’s frightened. But worst of all, whenever she daydreams about her biggest crush, Veronica is bombarded by giggly, cutesy, floating hearts! Yep. That’s worse than being lame. For once, Veronica longs to be a wallflower. But Veronica’s emotions are on a roller-coaster ride, and her powers are running haywire. 

It looks like Veronica has finally become an “Est.” But who would ever want to be—the weirdest?!

Have a great weekend!!

Friday, December 4, 2015

Five Fandom Friday: Holiday Recommendations

Welcome back to another Five Fandom post. I took a break the last couple of months from posting them because I had no good ideas but I am back. I love the holiday's and I got some great recommendations!!

hopefully, maybe, I think they are...

1. Holiday Movie: GREMLINS

Yes, GREMLINS is a Christmas/Holiday film and it's a great one at that. It has Snow, Trees, Family, Joy, Stories, a cute little furry Gizmo, and little green MONSTERS!! They run a muck, destroy things, eat everything, and don't care about your feelings. Just like a family gathering.

And Kate's Holiday speech is the greatest.

2. Holiday Soundtrack: A Nightmare Before Christmas

I hate Christmas music. My years of retails have destroyed it for me. I can't stand hearing "All I want for Christmas" anymore. I want to burn it down. I keep hoping my love will come back for it but until then, A Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack is amazing. We play it while putting up the Christmas tress. I adore Halloween and I do love Christmas so this soundtrack is a great mix for me. Also, if you can't take so much actual Christmas music, I highly recommend this one.

3. Holiday Meal: Tamales

EAT ALL THE TAMALES!! This is a big staple in my family. My mother makes the best tamales and I can never get enough. She makes them with cheese, with meats, even veggies, and they are delicious. I love heating them up on cold days, wrap myself in my blanket and eat in bed. It's the only time I will eat anything in bed. I don't know how to make them which is sad but when I visit my mother every Christmas, she makes a ton and bring them home. In my suitcase. On the plane.

Yes, I get looks when I walk through security.

4. Holiday Drink: Hot Apple Cider

I can't get enough of hot apple cider and I don't know why. My holiday drink of choice use to be hot peppermint chocolate but now, I'm all about apple cider. I will always have tea, always but right now all I get from Starbucks is hot apple cider.

5. Spending Time with People I Can Stand

I'm not a mushy, tell you my feelings, type of person but I do love my friends and family of course. I'm all about spending time with each other especially during the holidays even though it does get busy for everyone. It's fun to get together, talk about the year, and exchange gifts. (Come on, you were thinking it) So yea, spend time with those that you love or in my case, can stand.

Thanks for reading and I can't wait to see your Holiday Recommendations!!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

My Birthday Wish List

My Birthday Wish List

My Birthday Wish List by usagimylene

Today is my birthday. I turn 36 years old. Thankfully I haven't had unnerving conversations of "When are you getting married?" and "When are you having kids?" My answer is always the same, Never. 

But I won't write about that in this post. I'm here to share my Birthday Wish List because why not? I like making them and I love seeing other folks lists. They are fun! Also I think my family reads my blog and a Hot Topic gift card would be wonderful *wink wink*

I have no shame!!

On to the list:

I own the Stark Bomber jacket and I love it so much that I was really excited when they released Star Wars ones and how can you go wrong with a Boba Fett one? I'm not a fan of bright green which he has on his armor  and I'm glad they went with this shade. 

I have fallen in love with the Pandora charms but they are very expensive and not geeky enough for me. ThinkGeek released a few inspired charms from Star Wars, Doctor Who, and other! I have a Death Star and a game controller. I really want the lightsaber but I think it's sold out.

3. Han Solo Blaster Necklace - Han Cholo
I saw their collection at Star Wars Celebration and fell in love with all the pieces but sadly, they were completely out of my price range. They are releasing a collection of stainless steel jewelry which is a little bit more within reach. I have a thing for Han Solo's blaster and I would love to have the necklace! It's such an awesome design.

If you haven't noticed by now I am a huge Princess Leia fan. When Her Universe released their Avengers collection, I hope they would do a Star Wars one and release something Leia inspired. They did and I really am hoping this dress will look good on me. Also, I hope I don't ruin it because white and I don't get along. 

5. Sailor Moon wallet - Unknown
I'm a huge fan of Sailor Moon and I want all the things. During my trip to Japan finidng things Sailor Moon was really, really hard. Everything was pretty much sold out and things I found in 2nd hand/re sell stores were asking a lot. These wallets were released in collaboration with a designer and only in Japan. They are completely sold out but like always, you can find fakes. I don't want to support fakes but I really want the wallet. Also, originally they were priced at about $300 I think.

6. BB-8 Bomber Jacket - Her Universe
I know nothing about BB-8 yet I love that little droid. I am so glad they released something BB-8 in the collection and it was a bomber jacket. Guys, I never knew I could like grey and orange together.

7. Lana Del Rey Honeymoon Vinyl
I am a huge fan of Lan Del Rey and I need Honeymoon in my vinyl collection. I have Born to Die and Paradise. I didn't really find myself liking Ultraviolence and that's ok. Sometimes you just don't like everything they release but Honeymoon is my favorite album from her so far.

8. Disneyland bangle - Alex and Ani
I was never into Alex and Ani until they started to release Disney bangles. I own the Jack Skellington and Princess Leia ones. Their other items focus on the Princess' which I love but I want items from those lesser seen characters. They did release bracelets based on the parks and I am such a Disneyland girl that I want this one for my collection. They are a tad big on me that I have to be careful not to shake my hand/wrist too much or it will eventually slide off. I'm trying to find a way to make it smaller or find something that will attach to the wires to tighten it a bit.

So there you have it! My wish list! I'm working today and stuck with a cold but I am going to have dinner with friends so yay!! Nothing majorly huge. Jaime is taking me on Friday to see Krampus because a Christmas Horror film, yes please!! Also, we will be celebrating my birthday even more on the 17th! Star Wars marathon day!! All 7 films!!

Thanks for reading!!

Disclaimer: Clicking on the links may earn me a bit of income. Thank you for your support and understanding. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

My Adventures in Crowd Funding

Most of us have backed a project in the last few years. It's amazing that there are such sites as Kickstarter and Indiegogo where we can help make someone's dream come true and get a awesome product that we believe in, a product we need, or in most cases something awesome that just takes up more space.

I have backed a few project and I have had a mix of situations come along with it. I have backed project that kicked butt, updated so much, and in the end delivered when they promised (Espionage Cosmetics). I have backed project where I knew the items would get delivered at a way later date, were good at updating, but lately have been lacking (Bee and Puppycat).

There are a few that promised the items at a certain date but their production have fallen behind, the updates could use some more work (Playroom Entertainment) and I did have one project that completely failed, they admitted it is failing, and refunded us all. (Insta photo project)

But nothing, NOTHING has been so frustrating, so annoying, so draining as the one I backed on Indiegogo. It was a company named Axent Wear and they were creating these obnoxious cat ear headphones. They light up, the ears are speakers, they would come with a gaming mic, It was ridiculous!

And I wanted them.

The project got funded and of course the wait began. I understand, you have to wait for things. The updates were pretty good and communication was fine but they stopped. It stopped for 5 months until they finally made a update to let the backers know there were some delays. Someone posted something about the factory they were going to use in China did not hold the environmental standards one of the "co-founders" wanted so the project was stopped.

6 months ago a update was made that Brookstone was going to take over and make the headphones. Okay, Brookstone stuff can be iffy sometimes but I can get behind it. Four months later they finally posted a prototype of the headphones. They did a few more posts in that month saying they are listening to the backers comments and will change the head phones.

Radio silence until sometime in Oct where they stated they have them ready and will begin shipping. This is where the fuckery began.

They were shipping now through UPS.  I needed to change my shipping address. I was told to e-mail Brookstone directly. A week later I got a reply saying they will ship that day (day of their reply) to my original address (PO BOX) and they will use Priority Mail. I kept asking for a tracking number. Weeks of no response and I still didn't get them. It was getting close to Thanksgiving so I called and the person at customer service couldn't do anything, just kept telling me to email them. I finally got a CS who gave me a tracking number but the only thing listed was a label was created.

By this point, a year of waiting, no real updates, and getting told that only a shipping label was created I called my credit card company and asked for a charge dispute. I explained the situation and they went ahead with it. While I was waiting for my headphones I read the horror stories on Brookstone's facebook page. The lights didn't work, the cords were broken, people needed to buy an audio split-er  to use the gaming mic, people having them for a few days and the speakers blew out, the headphones stopped working etc.

Out of the blue yesterday  a pair of purple headphones arrived through UPS to the address I needed them to go to. Fine. I decided to test them out and see if they even work.

The purple light isn't as bright as I have seen from others but they both glow the same. I'm okay with that. The headphone sound pretty good, like my skullcandy ones so they get a point there. When I turn on the speakers, the music flowing through the headphones stay on but  starts emitting a hissing sound. If I turn on the speakers to the loudest setting they fuzz out. If there is any kind of talking happening, it crackles. Oh and the cord is busted. I have to wiggle it or hold it in my phone jack to listen to the music.

Now do I return the headphones and deal with them again or do I go to amazon to find a new cord and just live with the hissing/cracking noise coming from the speakers? Amazon is looking like the best option. Brookstone is terrible at answering e-mails and I just don't want to wait another month or two for them again. I hate that the speakers don't really work but I can still use the headphones and that's what really matters.

So a year and 2 months later I have my headphones. They are not the greatest but really, lets be honest I got them for the look. Also this experience had thought me a lot and now I'm going to be a bit more cautious when backing things.

I do have a few more back project I am waiting on but I will take a break for a while from searching both kickstarter and other crowd funding sites. They promised these guys in six months since they said they had everything lined up. I understand things happen but the lack of updates and then the lack or information and faulty product from Brookstone, a well known company kinda pushed my buttons.

What has been your experience with backing projects? Have you waited longer then promised? Has anyone ever not gotten anything?
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