Friday, December 4, 2015

Five Fandom Friday: Holiday Recommendations

Welcome back to another Five Fandom post. I took a break the last couple of months from posting them because I had no good ideas but I am back. I love the holiday's and I got some great recommendations!!

hopefully, maybe, I think they are...

1. Holiday Movie: GREMLINS

Yes, GREMLINS is a Christmas/Holiday film and it's a great one at that. It has Snow, Trees, Family, Joy, Stories, a cute little furry Gizmo, and little green MONSTERS!! They run a muck, destroy things, eat everything, and don't care about your feelings. Just like a family gathering.

And Kate's Holiday speech is the greatest.

2. Holiday Soundtrack: A Nightmare Before Christmas

I hate Christmas music. My years of retails have destroyed it for me. I can't stand hearing "All I want for Christmas" anymore. I want to burn it down. I keep hoping my love will come back for it but until then, A Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack is amazing. We play it while putting up the Christmas tress. I adore Halloween and I do love Christmas so this soundtrack is a great mix for me. Also, if you can't take so much actual Christmas music, I highly recommend this one.

3. Holiday Meal: Tamales

EAT ALL THE TAMALES!! This is a big staple in my family. My mother makes the best tamales and I can never get enough. She makes them with cheese, with meats, even veggies, and they are delicious. I love heating them up on cold days, wrap myself in my blanket and eat in bed. It's the only time I will eat anything in bed. I don't know how to make them which is sad but when I visit my mother every Christmas, she makes a ton and bring them home. In my suitcase. On the plane.

Yes, I get looks when I walk through security.

4. Holiday Drink: Hot Apple Cider

I can't get enough of hot apple cider and I don't know why. My holiday drink of choice use to be hot peppermint chocolate but now, I'm all about apple cider. I will always have tea, always but right now all I get from Starbucks is hot apple cider.

5. Spending Time with People I Can Stand

I'm not a mushy, tell you my feelings, type of person but I do love my friends and family of course. I'm all about spending time with each other especially during the holidays even though it does get busy for everyone. It's fun to get together, talk about the year, and exchange gifts. (Come on, you were thinking it) So yea, spend time with those that you love or in my case, can stand.

Thanks for reading and I can't wait to see your Holiday Recommendations!!

Happy Friday!


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