Japan Trip: Eat All The Popcorn at Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea

I'm back with another Japan trip post. This time it's about our adventures at Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea. I'm going to have a few posts about our Disney trip so be prepared for those.

One of the things we did while at the parks was to try out all their different popcorn flavors. Unlike Disneyland in California, they offer more then just salted buttered popcorn. There was Honey, White Chocolate, Curry, and more. I was also on a mission to buy the Little Green Alien popcorn bucket.

Since they have different flavors all the time, they include the listing on the maps! They tell which ones they have and where you can get them. Both Disneyland and Disney Sea had them listed on their maps and a few of them were only at a certain park.

We didn't try the caramel or salt because they are basic ones we can get out here, I missed the honey both times, and Cappuccino is not our thing.

Jaime thought it would be a cool idea to record our reactions to all the different popcorn flavors and I put it together into one spiffy video. A spiffy video where you get to see us make fools of ourselves. Haha.. and you also get to hear/see Jaime get really into taste testing the popcorn.

We also found the Little Green Men mochi and those were delicious too. Delicious and adorable.

Please check out the video if you want to see our reactions and us acting like fools.

Thanks for reading and watching!

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