Photo An Hour: Birthday Edition!

It had to happen and also, I haven't done a photo an hour post in a long time. This was a challenge since I was working that day and I'm also chained to my desk so trying to find something to photograph every (work) hour was tough. I think I managed!

1pm // Lunch time and loved the art on this truck

2pm // The Christmas tree in the lobby

3pm // Corner of my messy desk

4pm //Pretty Lights

5pm // Getting some 3DS gaming in

6pm // Birthday Celebration

Woot!! Like I mentioned above, it was hard to take a photo an hour because I work with sensitive items and I needed to be careful how I photographed things. But it was a fun challenge.
That day was a great day and I really want to keep doing these photo an hour posts! I do have fun with them.

Thanks for reading!!

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