Small Goals {JANUARY 2016}

It is currently 9:07am PST New Year's Eve. Usually I would be sitting around typing up New Years Resolutions that would never, ever see beyond the paper I wrote them on. I'm overly ambitious and I seriously think that "this will be the year!" that I will do these major things.

Even though I was lazy with my blog this month I still kept up with my fellow geeks. A few people started creating these small goals posts. There was a list of maybe 5 things they wanted to accomplish for the month. They were all simple things like finish a book or revamp a post.

If you want to know more check out these blog posts from Mia, Liz, and Gwen.

So I decided to take a post from their blog and instead of creating these huge resolutions that will scare me, I'm going to be creating my own small monthly goals as well.

January Goals:
  Read one book I had a yearly goal for 2015 for reading 50 books and that totally failed. I also have three books I started and never finished. My goal is to pick one of those unfinished books and read it in January. If I get to two, that would be awesome. 

 Blog at least once a week I think I ran out of steam this month and I hate editing photos. I do have three posts in drafts but I just didn't want to edit a thing. So let me start fresh and go with at least one post a week this month. 

 Do an unboxing video I love watching unboxing videos and I have been wanting to make one of my own. I've been sitting on my December Smuggler Bounty, Collector Corps, and Loot Crate boxes. It just gets dark at 5pm (when I'm out of work) and I don't have nice background space. I just need to get over that and do it! So my goal is to get one video out there in YouTube land this month. 

 Run at least twice a week I signed up for the Star Wars 5K marathon in June. It's happening in January and I started training really, really late. I've been told that I can also walk during the 5K if needed and since I am a walker, I think I will be ok. I want to keep running even after the marathon. I don't exercise for anything and I haven't ran since high school so I want to keep going. Heck, maybe I will sign up for the Avengers marathon later in the year!

 Start putting money into a savings account This is not because I'm going to have a savings account ( I do), it's because I majorly screwed up and I got myself into a mini debt. I call it a mini debt because I can swim myself out of it if only I just saved and STOP SPENDING. I've been selling clothing on Poshmark and Mercari (SORRY BUT I AM PLUGGING!! Sign up with poshmark using BLGIR and we both will get $10 bucks or sign up with Mercari using UKGBZD and we both get 2 bucks!) but instead of setting it aside to pay off my credit card I'll buy something else. Oh, I sold a bunch of collectibles let me finally get that Wii U. I sold 8 shirts this month, they will cover my Hot Toys monthly payment. If I toss in at least 50-100 a paycheck, I can send one large lump sum at the end of the month along with the monthly payment. This way every month I have an account that will be used to pay off that mini debt. Hoping to get out of it by the summer.  

These are my monthly small goals! I feel pretty good about typing them out there. They are small and simple. These are doable. Yoosh~!!

Do you guys have small monthly goals? Are you going to create any? Let's cheer each other on!!


Small Monthly Goals posts are inspired by writes like a girl!

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