Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Fandom of the Month box - December 2015

Heeeeey! I'm back with another unboxing!!! This time I'm here with Fandom of the Month!
I've seen this subscription box floating around but I never signed up for it. It's a geeky jewelry and accessory monthly box that has been around for a year I believe. I've been tempted but have shied away because I never see a box where I like a good chunk of the items. I'm really picky when it comes to my jewelry.

So what made me break and order the December box? Their theme was Star Wars.

Are you that surprised?

So knowing that the box was going to be Star Wars I knew there was a 99% chance that I was going to love the box so I went with it. The box was $13.00 plus shipping.

It arrived a bit towards the end of December which doesn't surprise me because USPS loses their minds during the holidays. Anyways, I thought the box was freaking adorable. I love it already but let's see what's inside!

I got a really cute Death Star card! It's a informational card thanking me for ordering and giving me the links. I may either stick this on my desk or turn it into a postcard to send to someone.

I've seen these little drawstring gift bags that get sent with the items and they are always so cute. This month's was no exception and they used R2-D2. My favorite little droid. I love the fact that's a re-useable bag and I can use it to store and travel with my jewelry.

A Chewbacca magnet!! How cute. He's currently hanging around in my cube at work. It's not that big, about the size of a trading card.

Now onto the actual jewelry! First off, lightsaber earrings!! Yes!! I actually made my own lightsaber earrings. I bought a pair of Darth Vader ones from ebay and I figured out a way to turn them into earrings. It's not the best but they are holding. Now I have a pair of Yoda earrings. I wore them all day after I took them out of the box and they held up!

A R2-D2 and C-3PO necklace! The chain is pretty long. I want to say about 32" inches. I think. It's silver with C-3PO in gold and R2 in silver. I love it. I also wore it all day once I got it out of the box! They are not fll 3D charms. They are only half and the back side is open. I don't have any necklaces with my favorite droids.

Trivia: I use to hate C-3PO so much but now he's growing on me. And also, bless R2-D2.. the first thing he does when he wakes up is insult C-3PO.

And the final item is a bangle with MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU stamped/engraved on it. It's a half bangle so it's fully adjustable but usually these types of bangles end up bending terribly after a lot of stretching open and close. This one is a bit thicker then others that I have so I'm hoping it lasts a lot longer.

I'm so happy with this box! I loved everything in it and I'm so glad that the only thing gold was C-3PO. I'm not a big fan of gold so for everything to be silver was great. Definitely worth the 13 bucks in my opinion.

I had no plans to renew again for January but I screwed up and forgot to cancel. I got an e-mail saying that I subbed again. Oh well. January's theme is Magical so we shall see what I get. It anything, these items will make for great birthday presents to friends!

Have you subbed to Fandom of the Month? What items were your favorite?


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