FUNKO Friday: The Funko I Want Most

I did not know Funko Friday was a thing until I stumbled across on it on Barb's blog!

I am a Funko POP! collector. I just can't resist them. I do try to limit my collections to only those that I want and I also try to get their variant if it's a thing. My Star Wars The Force Awakens POP! figures are made up of just that; Rey w/goggles (Hot Topic), Finn in Stormtrooper gear (Gamestop), Kylo Ren w/out hood (Target), shiny C-3PO (Barnes & Noble) etc. If I just cracked and bought everything I'd be super broke and left without room for my other stuff. It is hard to limit what I want but I think I'm pretty good at.

There are so many that I want which leads to today's Funko Friday post: The Funko I Want Most!

When FUNKO announced this awesome three pack, I knew I had to have it in my collection. I don't own Slave Leia or Jabba POP! figures. Jabba has been hard to find for some reason, I don't care much for anything Slave Leia, and Crumb has yet to be released  but I knew I wanted it.

The only problem is this set is a store exclusive. A Wal Mart exclusive. I have a love/hate relationship with store exclusives. I do love hunting them but I hate them when they are at a store that is not in my city. San Francisco doesn't have Wal Marts. I have had friends check their local stores for me. I've searched Ebay, Amazon, and even Mercari for a nicely priced set. I found out the 3pk retailed for $30 which is a lot for a Funko. I think the most I spent was 15 for the TARDIS. So keeping in mind the retail, how much it would probably cost to ship to me if a friend found it/or my travel cost on public transportation to search Wal Marts, I'm determined to find it for a nice price. 

I refuse to pay $60+ for it. 

So here's hoping I come across one for a great price or I actually find one in Wal Mart which I think won't happen anymore. The set was released in October and a few friends said they never saw them at all. I'm also trying to find Star Wars TFA Poe without helmet. He's also a Wal Mart exclusive and no one has seen it. I may crack and get the with helmet but you can't really tell who it is. 

Which Funko is on your must have list? Happy Friday!

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