Friday, January 15, 2016

Funko Fridays: Funko Friends – How many have you corrupted?

I'm sitting here trying to figure out who I have corrupted and you know what, I haven't. Haha.. all the friends that collect them have corrupted themselves. I do have a few that love them but they refuse to buy them. I don't nudge them though. I figured if they really wanted to they would and would own about 10 within their first day.

This doesn't even hold my whole collection

I will say I have friends who are terrible enablers. We are always updating each other with the newest releases, always telling each other to buy that Funko, and we certainly team up with each other to get those exclusives. 

Joie got me the Kylo Ren Target exclusive.
Travis snagged me the Freddy with needles Hot Topic exclusive.
Gwen sent me the chrome C-3PO B&N exclusive. 

We all failed getting into the booth at SDCC 2015 but we did hit up Barnes and Nobles and Hot Topic for the summer convention exclusives during the weekend!

My small Star Wars collection

I guess you can say we corrupt each other into always getting more. Haha..

So this is my post for Funko Friday. I guess you can say I will nudge you to get that Funko you want.

Oh Hot Topic, you are deadly

Have a great weekend!

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