Star Wars x Irregular Choice Han & Leia Flats!

In case you didn't know, Irregular Choice teamed up with Star Wars to create a collection of limited edition shoes. I got my first look during Star Wars celebration and I fell in love.

There was a pair of Han &  Leia flats and I wanted them. I love a lot of characters in Star Wars but Han & Leia are my favorite. I love them as solo (yes, I know) characters and of course together. The flats were floral, had glitter, and a photo of them on the shoes. They were like if my grandmother took the ugly floral fabric from her couch and made me shoes. They were amazing. They were taking pre orders at Celebration but I had already spent so much money I just couldn't do it... that and they were very expensive. Like $150+ up expensive. I figured if by the time they were out and I had them money, maybe I will do it.

They got released finally and they sold out quick. I never got a chance to stare at them online to hum and hmm over it. Every single style they created, sold out. They had some with lightsaber heels, R2-D2 heels, flats with C-3PO or Darth Vader. All of them gone. I got wind that one site got some in stock. After whining about them (it's what I do best) and finding some discount codes, my mother helped me get them.

Merry Christmas to me!!

They arrived a week before Christmas and they were just as amazing as I remembered them. Look at the box for them!! The tissue paper!! Oh man, they went all out and props to Fun.com for the care they took in boxing the box up and shipping them to me.

Okay enough about the box. Let's check out the shoes!

Oh they are so pretty! Check out the embroidery on the shows. They went with Leia's classic outfit and they used a photo of her with the blaster. Haha.. I like her ANH outfit but my favorite outfit of hers will always be Bespin/Cloud City.

Here's a close up shot of the shoes. The photos are digitally printed but they feel really smooth and match the fabric of the shoe. The flowers on the front are embroidered and you get four of them on each side and guys, there's a tiny heart. I love them. On the outer heel of each shoe the Star Wars logo is embroidered in black and gold. The heel and sole edging are in gold and black glitter.

So cute.

But that's not all either. They even decorate the bottom the shoes!

I have yet to wear them because I don't want to ruin the bottom!! I have heard that there are clear protectors for Irregular Choice shoes made because they also have awesome designs on the bottom. Once I track some down, I will get back to everyone about how comfortable they are. I think the art they used was from the DVD covers.

Oh my god, I just love and adore these shoes. A big thank you and many hugs to my mother for them. I was pushing sales on the apps but she gave me half to buy them. I am so glad more items are being released for the female fans and I can't wait for more Star Wars shoes. Shoes are my second weakness. Purses is the first.

Best Christmas Ever!

Have you guys seen the rest of the collection? Did you buy any? Which ones are your favorite?

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