5 Fandom Friday: 5 Things in My Purse at All Times

It's been a while folks. It's been a while for both blogging and participating in 5 Fandom Friday. (I had a few posts schedule but that was at the beginning of the month!) Though when I saw today's topic, I just had to make a post about it. What's in my Purse themes have always been my favorite for some reason.

Maybe it's because I'm nosy or I just love seeing what every one is carrying and maybe find myself a new cute wallet or accessories. I mean who knows but they are my favorite topics to read. Back when I was on livejournal I was even part of a "what's in my purse" community and I bought a lot of wallets.

But enough about that, here's the 5 things that I have in my purse at all times.

1. Portable charger: I'm on my phone so much that I need one at all times. When I'm on vacation or at a con, I normally have two of them. The second one is my Star Wars Rebels Sabine MIMOBOT SDCC charger. I had a Chopper one from Star Wars Celebration but it was poof.

2. Wallet: I will always have a wallet and they will be geeky. This one that I'm currently using is from Paul Frank and I love it so much. Music is my life and I need it always.

3. Pill Case & Comb/Mirror: I count these as one item total because they are cute and I always have them with me. I got them at a store in Harajuku and they are from SWIMMER. The Eat ME is a comb/mirror while the heart shaped box is the pill case. It reminds me a of Magical Girl locket so I had to get it.

4. Minnie Mouse TSUM TSUM Lipsmacker: I don't wear much make up but lip gloss/chapstick is a must and Minnie is the one currently in my bag that comes with me every where. She is too cute

5. Pen: I always have a writing instrument with me. I normally carry my planner too but I was too lazy to put it in my purse this morning. I never know when inspiration will strike, may it be blogging, scrapbook idea, whatever and I need to write it down or I will forget. Right now I am obsessed with my R2D2 ballpoint and  my 5 pen Coleto which I picked up in Japan.

And since I took a photo of the 5 things in my purse I decided to take another photo of everything that is in my purse right now!

1. Earphones: I need music at all time.
2. Disney Main Entrance Pass: This lets me into the Happiest Place on Earth!
3. Pokemon Card Sleeve: Desiree sent me a few Animal Crossing cards in this!
4. Packet of Tissue: For mess because I'm clumsy
5. Mickey Mouse Purse Holder: I got this at Diaso in Tokyo!
6. Hair Tie: Long Hair gets annoying & blocks my food from getting into my mouth
7. Essential Oil Locket: I need Lavender Oil
8. Breath Strips: I hate retainers
9. Distress Crayons: A new thing for me to play with
10. Work Badge: Need to get in and out
11. I Love You Custom Pin: Order it from a seller on Etsy because reasons
12. BB-8 Charm: I got it when I ordered the POE body pillow
13. Mini Hole Punch: Because you never know when you need to punch someting...?
14. Light Up Millennium Falcon: It's the Falcon
15. Keys: I need to get into my home

Not a whole lot for the size purse I have. I did have my planner which is an A5 and other items in there yesterday but I started working on stuff and also my purse need a good receipt purge. I have a tendency to throw them in there and not do anything.

And in case  you were wondering, my purse is the Haunted Mansion Dooney & Burke tote. I bought it during my last trip to Disneyland. It's one of my favorite rides and I adore that wallpaper so much. I couldn't say no to the purse when I saw it.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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